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Showing off the Rakon Heli 200QX Frame Conversion and More!

I may have been buried in snow or humbled by the cold these past weeks, but it did not keep me down! The team over at Rakon Heli specializes in upgrades, and I had to take a look at the Blade 200QX main frame, prop nut, and motor lock nut upgrades. The frame sells for around $70, and takes a bit of time to put together due to the small nature of the screws (though cannot be helped due to the size of the quadcopter). Compared to the stock plastic body, the carbon fiber and aluminum are a nice step up in looks and durability. The lack of a battery enclosure makes it much less aggravating stuffing battery wires into tight spaces as well.

I know that $70 may be tough to swallow on this kind of upgrade, so I will direct to the sleeper of Rakon Heli’s upgrades for the 200QX: the prop nuts. I was having a bear of a time using the stock prop nuts for the 200QX. Tighten them too much, and the props would split in air and cause crashes. Tighten them too little, and the lack of nylon in the nut would cause them to be tossed, which would in turn throw a propeller. The cone style of the Rakon Heli prop nuts help in distributing pressure across the whole prop, allowing for snug tightening of the nut without risk of prop splits. A full set of prop nuts (2 pair of CW and CCW) will cost you around $14, but I tell you it was well worth it. The aluminum motor nuts were a flashy addition to the quad setup, but provides no distinct advantages outside of ‘Ooo, pretty!’ A full set retails for $16.

Want to just get a better tool than the easily stripped plastic wrench for your stock mounts and prop nuts, then for $6 Rakon Heli offers an aluminum prop tool. It was a welcome addition to my tool set, as it made working on the 200QX easier by yards and feet.

Check out all the pictures below, and check out Rakon Heli’s website by clicking Here.


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