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T-Bone TBR ARRMA Senton Bumper

Six New ARRMA Senton Products from T-Bone Racing

Do you bash your ARRMA Senton as hard as we do? We know you guys, the chances are pretty high that you bash yours as hard, or even harder, than the BSRC Bash Crew. If that is the case, adding heavy duty bumpers and skid plates can help protect your truck and reduce the chances of breaking a part. Thankfully, the folks over at T-Bone Racing bash hard too so they’ve come up with 3 heavy duty front bumpers, 2 styles of rear bumpers, and a set of front a-arm skid plates for the Senton. All the TBR upgrade parts are made from ultra-durable plastic and were designed to take the worst you can throw at them. The new TBR parts for the Senton include-

10033- Front ASkids A-Arm Skid Plates
10036- XV4 Rear Bumper
10032- SC Basher Rear Bumper
10035- XV4 Front Bumper
10034- SC Basher2 front Bumper
10031- SC Racer front Bumper

Pricing ranges from $22 to $34 with full details being found at This Link over on TBR’s official website.

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