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Traxxas Paddle Tires

Six New Pre-Mounted Paddle Tires From Traxxas

Here ya go folks, Traxxas has a full new line-up of Paddle Tires. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the new tires is strong scoops. Some paddle tires flex too much, but with the stiff scoops on the Traxxas tires, they should give outstanding bite. To make life easier for you, the paddles come pre-mounted on Traxxas wheels and have TSM rated glue joints. The paddles will be available to fit the X-Maxx, Slash, Rustler, and Stampede, plus models to fit the Revo and Maxx line-up of trucks.

#7773 for the X-Maxx, available now, $74.95

#5672 for Revo & Maxx trucks, available now, $49.95

#4175 for Stampede 4X4 F&R, Nitro Stampede rear, available now, $39.95

#3689 for Stampede rear, available now, $39.95

#5891 for Slash rear, Slash 4X4 F&R, Telluride, available late May, $36.95

#3776 for Rustler rear, available in June, $39.95

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Posted by in New Products on Friday, May 5th, 2017 at 3:19 pm