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SJT Tires Rubber 12th Scale Tires

SJT Tires 1/12-scale Rubber Pan Car Tires

SJT Tires has introduced an easy way to re-shoe your 1/12-scale pan car with their fully-mounted 12th Scale Tire Set. This pre-mounted tire and wheel set gives you an easy way to put new rubber on your GT12-style pan car without much fuss.

Each of the four SJT rubber 1/12-scale tires has been pre-glued, making them ready to mount to your pan car. Expected tire life ranges between 30-to-50 runs, which should give you plenty of track time before you’ll need to change them out.

Each full set of SJT 1/12-scale tires features front and rear tires and white, six-spoke wheels.

SJT Tires 1/12-scale Rubber Pan Car Tire Specs:

  • Front Tire Diameter: 40.8mm
  • Rear Tire Diameter: 41.3mm

Priced at $35.00, you can pick up a full set of 1/12-scale SJT tires at

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