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So I get a phone call from Cubby

Unfortunately I was extremely sick over the holiday break and didn’t get in any of the RC I had planned for the short break. While lying in bed, I get a phone call from Cubby. He’s rambling on about how his Monday article was going to be a day late. This is pretty rare for him. While he is otherwise completely unpredictable, he always nails his dates. I’m so out of it, I was more concerned over not dying, then him being a day late, but I did have to ask why. Maybe it was the medication I was on, but I swear this is how the conversation went.
Cubby: Hey Boss, the Cub Report is going to be a day late. I’m completely wiped out. I haven’t slept in 24 hours, and there’s no way I can hammer it out tonight. Santa said you’d understand.
Me: Hey dude, no problem, stuff happens and I’m sure you.. wait what? Santa?.
Cubby: Yea man.. so I get this call, apparently there was a ton of last minute RC related letters to Santa and they needed an expert to help sort stuff out and make sure the kids were getting what they wanted.
Me: (hand on forehead) uh.. maybe it’s the medication, but did you say something about Santa? He called you? He has some sort of Cubby hotline? Like a bat phone? (uhg my head)
Cubby: Don’t be stupid! Why would Santa have a Cubby hotline? He just called the cell.
Me: Ok, I’m going back to bed now before you start to make sense, get it done asap.

And that’s the last I remember. So hopefully we get a Cub Report in the next 24 hours, but I wanted to give everyone the heads up.

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Posted by in cubby on Monday, December 27th, 2010 at 12:01 pm