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Spaz Stix Paint Review

Spaz Stix Paint Review


Recently several major paint companies have tossed in the towel. One of the few companies left is Spaz Stix. These paints are known for being very different and cool colors. While they make regular colors like blue, they also make Electric Blue Fluorescent. Why settle for orange when you can have color changing Orange/Purple /Teal. So besides the cool names, how does the paint go on? Do you have to be a pro to use the stuff? Keep reading to find out..

From: Spaz Stix

Review By: Brian
Pics By: Brian
Test Painters: Bill (Wrench) and Brian

Available in Air Brush Bottles and Aerosol cans.

Cost: $5.49 for a bottle, $7 – $11 for a Aerosol can.

Format: We went true basher style for our testing and used several different Aerosol cans. Wrench is a much better and more experienced painter than I am, but neither of us are ‘pro painter guys’.

Primary Competition: While a few paint companies have recently called it quits, you can still find Pactra, Tamiya, and a few others.

Paints we Used:
For the bodies you see in the pictures, we used the following Spaz Stix Paints

Ease of Use:
The idea was to see what we could do keeping it really simple, and still try and make it look good. Like we mentioned above, neither of us are great painters, and we were also rushing the paint jobs as we were on our way to a bash event. What you see here was done in about a hour of time.

What’s great about the Spaz Stix paint is that there are actually tips, and directions on the paint cans. The directions are also on their website. Every color has instructions for the best way to apply the paint. The website told us exactly how to apply the chrome, and the Holographic paints. They even give you tips online for painting on the inside or outside the body.

As you can see from the paint jobs, they are all really simple. We just tapped off some lines, applied the window masks, and applied the paint.

The pictures really don’t do these paint jobs justice. Click them for the high-res versions. These colors look amazing in person, and if you are in the sunshine, they will make your jaw drop. While you can get a hint of the color changing and chrome look, when you are standing in front of these bodies they look incredible.

We have taken the bodies to several events, and they turn heads every time. At each one we were answering questions about what paint we used, how we painted them, and people are usually pretty surprised how quick and dirty we did them. When is the last time you taped off a few lines for a quick paint job and had people asking you about it? If you are looking for attention at your next bash or event, this is the stuff you want to use for that new body!

Misc Notes:
We have been beating on the bodies pretty good, and have not seen any issues with the paint flaking or scratching off (more than normal). Someone at an event specifically asked us about this because they were having issues with their paint job. When we asked them about washing their body first, they said that it wasn’t dirty, and didn’t need it. This is a common mistake. You SERIOUSLY need to wash out the inside of the bodies before you paint them. They can contain oils or residue from the molds, and if these keep the body from sticking to the mold at the factory, they are also going to stop the paint from sticking to the body. Take the 5 minutes and WASH THEM first.

Make sure you back the paint properly. Either with another color to help them pop, or with the suggested backing from Spaz Stix. Unless your some pro-racer dude, you aren’t changing your body every week, so take the time to do it right so they will last. These bodies came out awesome, and without a lot of work.

Spaz Stix paint has never let us down with the great looking paint, and they continue to impress! Their colors really pop, and their chrome is stunning!


A = Outstanding/Best in Class, B = Above Average, C = Average, D = Below Average, F = Horrific

Time To Bash: B We were able to paint a few bodies in about an hour, they looked amazing for what little work we did.

Workability: B Available in Aerosol cans or bottles for air brushing, they have their bases covered, and are very easy to use.

Car Show Rating: A Talk about owning a category! This stuff makes the car show!

Bash-A-Bility: B After bashing with the bodies we used, they have had normal wear.

Value: A They cost slightly more than some others, but you get more in their aerosol cans, and the look is more than worth the price.

Parts Availability: B You can find ALL their colors online, but recently more and more shops have been stocking their paint! Every one of our local shops carries at least a few Spaz Stix colors, and chrome.

BigSquid Rating: B+ The Spaz Stix paint is great stuff. It’s easy to use, and turns heads with little effort. Next time your looking to paint a body, you should consider picking up a few cans!


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