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Special Offers on select ElectriFly, TrakPower, and O.S. products from Hobbico

TrakPower BrushlessThe crew over at Hobbico have just announced a bunch of special offers on select products to save you some cash. The offers are good through December 31st.

One of the offers is on TrakPower Brushless Systems and motors. When you buy a qualifying model of Trakpower brushless system you can then get a $50 merchandise certificate, and on qualifying models of brushless motors the merchandise certificate is good for $20.

Brushless systems qualifying for a $50 merchandise certificate-

TKPC6015 6.5T BL MS-1 ESC/Motor System- $259.99
TKPC6025 8.5T BL MS-1 ESC/Motor System- $259.99
TKPC6035 10.5T BL MS-1 ESC/Motor System- $259.99
TKPC6040 13.5T BL MS-1 ESC/Motor System- $259.99
TKPC6045 17.5T BL MS-1 ESC/Motor System- $259.99
TKPC6050 21.5T BL MS-1 ESC/Motor System- $259.99

Motors qualifying for a $20 merchandise certificate-

TKPC5025 8.5T Sensored Brushless Motor- $89.99
TKPC5035 10.5T Sensored Brushless Motor- $89.99
TKPC5040 13.5T Sensored Brushless Motor- $89.99
TKPC5045 17.5T Sensored Brushless Motor- $89.99

For a rebate request form and full details of the TrakPower offer, visit This Link.

ElectriFly Triton ChargersHobbico is also offering a deal when you buy a new Electrifly Triton series charger. When you buy a select model you then get a $30 merchandise certificate. The models that qualify for the $30 certificate include-

GPMM3155 Triton EQ AC/DC Balancing Programmable Charger/Discharger/Cycler- $99.96
GPMM3156 Triton EQ2 AC/DC Balancing Programmable Charger/Discharger/Cycler- $184.98

For more details on the ElectriFly offer, simply click This Link.

O.S. Brushless MotorsO.S. Brushless Motors are primarily used in rc airplanes and Hobbico has some special offers on them as well. They are offering $5 and $10 merchandise certificates when you buy select models of brushless motors. If you have never tried an O.S. brushless motor in your airplane or heli now would be a great time. The models include-

Motors qualifying for a $10 merchandise certificate-

OSMG9450 600-650 Brushless Heli Motor 4535-560- $159.99
OSMG9460 550-600 Brushless Heli Motor 4535-1260- $149.99

Motors qualifying for a $5 merchandise certificate-

OSMG9505 .05 Brushless Airplane Motor 3805-1200- $54.98
OSMG9510 .10 Brushless Airplane Motor 3810-1050- $54.98
OSMG9515 .15 Brushless Airplane Motor 3815-1000- $54.98
OSMG9525 .25 Brushless Airplane Motor 3820-1200- $74.98
OSMG9526 .25 Brushless Airplane Motor 3820-960- $79.98
OSMG9530 .30 Brushless Airplane Motor 3825-750- $79.98
OSMG9538 .52 Brushless Airplane Motor 5010-810- $104.98
OSMG9540 .40 Brushless Airplane Motor 5020-490- $109.98
OSMG9550 .50 Brushless Airplane Motor 5025-375- $97.11

To get more information on the O.S. Motor deals simply Click Here.

OS 4 stroke engineFor all you 4 stroke flyers, O.S. has offers on engines too, up to a $100 merchandise certificate. These offers include-

Engines qualifying for a $100 merchandise certificate-

OSMG1307 FR7-420 Sirius-7 7-Cylinder – $3,499.99
OSMG1320 FF-320 “Flat 4” – $1,649.99
OSMG1330 IL-300 Inline 4-Cylinder – $2,599.99

Engines qualifying for a $50 merchandise certificate-

OSMG0800 GF40 Gasoline 4-Stroke – $799.99
OSMG1160 FT-160 Twin – $939.99

Engines qualifying for a $30 merchandise certificate-

OSMG0877 FS72-a – $349.98
OSMG0930 FS-120S-E – $414.99
OSMG0935 FS-120-III (P) – $449.97
OSMG0981 FS81-a – $369.99
OSMG0982 FS81-a (P) – $429.99
OSMG0990 FS110-a – $414.99
OSMG0991 FS110-a (P) – $479.97
OSMG0998 FS155-a (P) – $499.98

Engines qualifying for a $20 merchandise certificate-

OSMG0830 FS-30S – $179.97
OSMG0898 FS-62V – $279.99
OSMG0900 FS-95V – $299.97
OSMG0956 FS56-a – $309.99

For more information on the O.S. Engine merchandise certificates Click Here.


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