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Speed Passion SP1.1 F1

Speed Passion SP1.1 F1 Car

New from Speed Passion is the SP1.1 Formula One car. The version 1.1 comes with numerous upgrades over the original to help improve handling and durability. Here are some of its highlights-

* 100% carbon fiber chassis
* New red 7075 servo mount
* New upper deck with inline stiffener
* New big bore shock
* New center friction tube
* New carbon fiber adjustable caster block
* Comes with competition wing set, race body, cooling fan, and red motor heat sink

The SP1.1 is available two ways. Just the kit has a part number of #SPN70002 and is priced at $229. The better deal is the SP1.1 package that comes with an ESC and brushless motor. This combo has a part number of #SPN70001 and is just $30 higher than the kit at $259. Want all the finer details? Use This Link to cruise on over to the official Speed Passion website.

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