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Spektrum Smart Technology Charger LiPo Power Supply

Spektrum Drops All New Smart Technology Chargers, Batteries, and Power Supply!!!

Here is some huge news from Spektrum, all new Smart Technology Products! What are Smart Technology Products? Products that make your life easier thanks to new technology. The new Spektrum products can take all the guesswork out of charging, as well as making your battery charging routine safer than before.

First up is a whole line-up of new Smart LiPo Batteries. These batteries are used with the Smart Technology battery chargers to ensure a safe charge every time. Each pack has an Embedded Microchip that tells the Smart charger what its capacity is, as well as its cell count, chemistry type, and proper charge rate. The packs range in size from a 3S 1300 ($28) all the way up to a 4S 5000mAh ($99).

Next up are a pair of new Spektrum Smart Battery Chargers. All new are the S2100 dual LiPo charger as well as the S1200 DC charger. Both work in unison with Spektrum Smart LiPo batteries to give you the perfect charge every time. These are expected to start shipping in November and are priced at $64 for the S1200, and $149 for the S2100.

Finally there is a new 30 Amp Smart Power Supply. The power supply is beefy at 30 amps, but was also designed to be ultra-quiet to save your ears. Pricing for the Smart power supply is $109.

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