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Spektrum DX3 SMART Radio System Review

Spektrum DX3 Smart Technology DSMR Radio System Review

The people over at Spektrum are a hard working group. If they aren’t putting out some new Smart technology batteries or ESCs, they are improving their large line-up of transmitter radio systems. One of the latest electronic goodies from Spektrum is the DX3 Smart Technology DSMR Radio System. The latest version of the DX3 is loaded with tech, some all new, some older, and was designed as a great upgrade from a basic RTR radio. What did we like about it? Did it have good range? Was it “laggy” to drive? Read on to find out!

From: Spektrum RC
Direct Link: DX3 Smart DSMR Radio

Review By: Iron Mikeee


2.4GHz DSMR technology
Smart Technology ready
3 channels of output
Convenient voltage indicator
Spektrum SR315 receiver
Foam covered wheel
On demand AVC traction control
3 position throttle limiter
Part Number – #SPM2340
Price – $89

What’s In The Box- Inside the box you’ll find the transmitter, the manual, and a receiver.

Build Quality- After all the guys had a good look, we did not find any faults with the Spektrum gear.

Set-up Notes- We ran the Spektrum in our ARRMA Kraton 8S monster truck. We used the enormous ARRMA because it comes stock with a Spektrum Smart ESC. We did all our testing using 8S worth of Spektrum Smart LiPo batteries to get the most out of the Smart system.

Feel In Hand- When we first pulled it out of the box, we thought the large/rough 3rd channel button located in the grip would cause irritation. While somewhat of a prominent feeling the first time in your hand, we failed to notice the button when actually driving. Weight distribution is better than normal on the DX3, with a slightly bottom heavy feel. The stock wheel is mounted high, but comes with a nice foam covering. The grip feels “par for the course” on a low to mid level radio, with the stock trigger having a somewhat snug, but not tight, feel to the index finger. Also, the “flesh” side of the trigger is rough, making it easy to use in wet/sloppy conditions.

Ease of Use- The radio does not come pre-bound to the receiver. You’ll have to mount & wire the receiver, throw four AAs into the radio, setup/bind, then calibrate your ESC. After that, it is bash time! Overall it does not take long at all.

Driving Performance- We put a lot of testing in the new Spektrum to see if it had any issues. Checking latency at both close range, and extended ranges (50 yards+), we could not feel/see any delay regardless of the distance from the transmitter. Both steering and throttle felt “normal” with good speed and accuracy. When driving with the DX3 it felt quite natural, for both steering and throttle control.

Misc Notes-

What was our favorite part about the DX3 Smart? That’s easy, it was the large green lights along the left side of the top face of the transmitter. When used along with a Smart ESC and LiPo, you get a live feed of how much energy is left in your battery pack. It was really nice to have large green lights that would show exactly how much battery we had left in our enormous Kraton 8S. TBH, this is a feature we would love to see on other radios.

It was very nice to see a lanyard mount on the DX3 Smart. Many hobbyists go rock crawling now days where a lanyard mount can come in quite handy.

Also super handy was the throttle limiter switch located on the top face. The switch has three settings- 50/75/100, which is perfect for turning a truck down before handing it off to a less experienced driver.

Final Verdict-

At just $89 the Spektrum DX3 Smart Technology Radio System is a solid value. It drives in a natural manner and had all the performance that we needed to get our bash on.

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