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Spektrum High-Voltage 1/5 Scale Digital Servo Reviews

Since we have been loving and bashing the heck out of our Losi 1/5 WRC from Horizon Hobby, it seemed only appropriate to give it a little upgrade. We recently got our hands on two new servos from Spektrum. The S9020 1/5 Scale Digital HV (High Voltage) Steering Servo, and the S9010 Throttle Servo. How did they do in the vehicle? Keep reading to find out.

From: Spektrum
Direct Link: Spektrum S9020 Steering Servo
Direct Link: Spektrum S9010 Throttle Servo

Review By: Brian
Pics By: Brian, Tim

The specs between the steering and throttle servos are pretty much identical for weight, size, etc. The differences being in speed and torque.

Application:1/5 Scale
For the S9020 Steering Servo
SurfaceTorque:1050 oz-in (75.6kg-cm) @ 8.4V, 910 oz-in (65.5kg-cm) @ 7.4V, 736 oz-in (53kg-cm ) @ 6.0V
Speed:0.20/60deg @ 8.4V; 0.23/60deg @ 7.4V; 0.28/60deg @ 6.0V, at no load
Length:2.5 in (63.3mm)
Width:1.20 in (30mm)
Height:1.87 in (47.50mm)
Weight:5.0 oz (142g)
Bushing Or Bearing:Bearing
Connector Type:Z-Connector
Gear Type:Metal
Gear Material:Steel
Current Draw Idle:16.8mA @ 6.0V; 17.2mA @ 8.4V
Current Draw Stall:4.9A @ 6.0V; 7A @ 8.4V

For the S9010 Throttle Servo:
Torque:771 oz-in (55.5kg-cm ) @ 8.4V; 679 oz-in (48.9kg-cm) @7.4V; 464 oz-in (33.4kg-cm) @ 6.0V
Speed:0.14 sec/60 dec @ 8.4V; 0.16 sec/60 dec @ 7.4V; 0.20 sec/60 deg @ 6.0V

Price: $199.99 each

The install itself went relatively smooth. The WRC lets the entire servo tray be removed to make it easier to get to everything, and once we had the old servos out, the new ones went in without an issue. We did have a concern that the wire going into the servo is a plug. We aren’t talking about the plug that goes to the receiver, we are talking the wire going into the servo case you can disconnect and reconnect the wire. Our concern was if this would easily become disconnected or not during tough use. The last thing you want is to case some big jump at top speed and have the throttle servo disconnect. We are very happy to report, that after much abuse, we have had no problem with this being a plug. So no need to worry.

Compared to the stock servos, these things are beasts! For steering we gained a little speed but almost doubled the amount of torque we had, and this was very noticeable. Over rough terrain at high speeds, the wheels stayed straight and true. Nothing was going to cause these things to turn unless we wanted them to.

The new throttle servo added some speed, and was very responsive in the field. You could feel the instant power at the squeeze of the throttle.

Because they are High Voltage, they are designed to run with lipo batteries which gave us even more torque and speed. Other great features, they are waterproof, so we don’t have to worry about the puddles when out bashing. The hardened steal gears mean we didn’t have to worry about stripping anything out, and those metal cases seem to keep everything running very cool.

Check out this shot from a recent Long Jump Day we had for the Big Squid RC Crew. Go big or go home right? That’s the WRC jumping about 73 feet! I was able to hit that ramp 1/2 a dozen times, and not only did the servos live, so did the WRC!

BigSquidRC Jump Contest 2016 2

Overall, while the new HV servos will cost you a little extra, they are more than worth the price of admission. We have been testing these for a while without any issues, and if the giant long jumps didn’t cause any damage, we are pretty sure nothing will. We highly recommend these for any of your 1/5th scale upgrade needs!


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