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Spektrum S1100 G2 AC Smart Charger

Spektrum S1100 G2 AC 100W Smart Charger

New from Spektrum is the S1100 G2 AC 100W Smart Charger. With the intelligence of Smart charging and 100 watts of power on tap, the Spektrum S1100 G2 is an affordable way to have safe charging. Here are the highlights-

* Charges & balances Smart batteries with one simple connection
* Auto Charge can automatically start charging Smart batteries
* Can also be used to charge virtually any type of rc battery
* Smart software tracks and stores numerous Smart battery data
* Includes IC3 and IC5 charging output ports
* Low noise cooling fan
* Compact size and sleek, sturdy case
* Handy rubber grips on case

The Spektrum S1100 G2 AC Smart Charger is street priced at $99 and has a part number of #SPMXC2080.

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