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Spektrum S1400 G2 Smart Battery Charger RC

Spektrum S1400 G2 AC 1x400W Smart Charger

Coming soon from Spektrum is the S1400 G2 AC 1x400W Smart Charger. The Spektrum S1400 is super easy to use and was designed for fast and safe charging. Here are the highlights-

* Auto Charge simplicity when used with Spektrum Smart batteries
* IC3 or IC5 output ports for adapter-free convenience
* Fast charging with up to 400W power
* Charges & balances Smart G2 batteries with one connection
* Smart software tracks & stores Smart battery data
* On-screen clock counts down remaining charge time
* Detachable power cord makes transporting more convenient
* Low-noise cooling fan
* IC3 & IC5 connectors are backwards compatible w/ EC3 & EC5 connectors

The Spektrum S1400 G2 Battery Charger is priced at $199 and has a part number of #SPMXC2040.

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