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Spektrum S6270 Low Profile HV Race Servo

Spektrum S6270 Low Profile HV Race Servo

Low profiles servos are smaller and lighter than “normal” size, but can make for an easier install while still offering plenty of performance. The latest servo from Spektrum is a low profile unit called the S6270. The S6270 is blazing fast with a transit speed of .05 at 8.4 volts. It is no slouch at torque either with 174 oz-in on tap. A waterproof case makes it basher friendly while its digital design allows it to work seamlessly with your AVC stability control system.

Its street price is $104, it has a part number of #SPMSS6270, and they are expected to start shipping in early March. For more details check out This Link over on the official Spektrum website.

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