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Spektrum Smart Powerstage 8S Surface Bundle

Spektrum Smart Powerstage 8S Surface Bundle with Two G2 5000mAh 4S LiPo

New from Spektrum is a Smart Powerstage 8S Surface Bundle. The new Powerstage Bundle comes with a pair of high performance 4S G2 Series 5000mAh LiPos and a Spektrum user-friendly S250 AC 2x50W Smart Charger. Here are the highlights-

* One-box battery and charger solution for 8S vehicles
* G2 Smart Technology for less hassle and maximum fun
* 2 x 50 watts of charging power
* Charges two batteries at one time
* Can use a single channel for up to 80W of power
* Includes selectable IC3 & IC5 charging ports — no separate adapters required
* Color LCD screen with intuitive menus, icons, and navigation tools
* Charges & balances Smart G2 batteries with one simple IC3 or IC5 connection
* Charges 1 – 4S LiPo/LiFe/LiIon/LiHV, 1 – 12S NiCd and 1 – 12S Smart NiMH
* Integrated microchip stores unique parameters for each battery

The Spektrum Smart Powerstage 8S Surface Bundle is street priced at $269 and has a part number of #SPMXPSS800.

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