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Spektrum SMART LiPo ROAR

Spektrum SMART Race LiPo Batteries Now ROAR Approved

Spektrum has announced that their new SMART 100C Race LiPo Batteries have now been ROAR approved. The Spektrum 100C Race LiPos come with the very latest in SMART technology and mate perfectly with Spektrum’s full line-up of SMART battery chargers. Here is the official press release-

The Spektrum team at Horizon Hobby has exciting news — Spektrum Smart 100C LiPo Race Batteries have been ROAR-approved! Now that they’re certified as meeting ROAR quality and construction standards, these Smart LiPo packs will immediately be accepted for use at ROAR sanctioned events.

There are also many other reasons why Smart 100C LiPo Race Batteries are perfect for competitors. A memory chip integrated into each battery stores unique data including its brand, type, capacity and C rating, plus individual cell voltage, battery temperature, charge/discharge cycles and more. Drivers can easily access and use this information to achieve peak battery performance, reliability, and longevity.

Just connect a Smart 100C LiPo Race Battery to any compatible Smart Charger. The memory data, complete with charging preferences, uploads through the IC output connector’s innovative data wire into the charger. For proper charging, you simply press the “Start” button. When programmed with a Spektrum Smart Charger, Smart Batteries will automatically discharge to your predetermined storage voltage when left to rest for a time period you choose, between 12 and 240 hours.

All of the Spektrum Smart LiPo Race Batteries listed below are included in the ROAR certification. They feature a powerful 100C continuous discharge rating, impact-resistant ABS plastic hardcase, gold plated heavy-duty 5mm tubes, and positive and negative leads. Several capacity levels are available to meet every racer’s needs.

SPMX37002S100HT 7.4V 3700mAh 2S 100C Smart LiPo, Shorty Hardcase, 5mm
SPMX40002S100HT 7.6V 4000mAh 2S 100C Smart HV LiPo, Shorty Hardcase, 5mm
SPMX50002S100HT 7.4V 5000mAh 2S 100C Smart LiPo, Shorty Hardcase, 5mm
SPMX63002S100HT 7.6V 6300mAh 2S 100C Smart LiPo, Shorty Hardcase, 5mm
SPMX80002S100HT 7.6V 8000mAh 2S 100C Smart LiPo, Hardcase 5mm
SPMX50004S100HT 14.8V 5000mAh 4S 100C Smart LiPo, Hardcase, 5mm Tubes

To get full details, hit up this link to see the full line-up of Spektrum 100C SMART Race LiPo Batteries.

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