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Spotlight on the Flyzone Inum!

As I hide deep in my office, whether at BSRC or at my other job, I couldn’t help but enjoy the larger open spaces we have by flying the Flyzone Inum. This is the IDEAL plane for any pilot: with the throttle and rudder the only inputs available, flight is simple for the beginner pilot. The added bonus is the prop is a pusher and not on the nose, making wall smacks no so devastating. For the experienced pilot, it is a fun plane to putz around with and push to its limits, as well as easier to fly indoors. At one point, my fellow coworkers and I were competing to see who can dive bomb the plane into a garbage can, an airplane basketball game if you will.

This plane went through a gauntlet. My plane alone has been flown by almost a dozen people, and the nose is dinged up a bit, and the wings have little notches here and there, but that’s it. I even gambled and put the 30mAh battery on a Hitec X4 Micro at .15A charge rates and really cut down on charge time and AA budget (the battery charger for the plane is built into the radio).

Flyzone really hit a home run with this plane, and for the $40 price tag, its worth having for indoor fun. Check out the video and see what this thing can do!

You can get more details over at the Flyzone Site Here.

Check out unboxing photo’s HERE.

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