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SSD 2.2 Steel Wheels and Scale Locking Hubs – Review / Product Spotlight

SSD is a relatively new name to the scale scene. Despite not being around long, they’ve come out of the gate swinging with a variety of steel and aluminum products to hop-up your Axial trucks. Given that I’m in the process of tricking out my Wraith Spawn, I recently scored a set of their Black 2.2 10 Hole Steel Wheels (part #SSD00019, street priced at $34.99 a pair).

To go along with the wheels I also nabbed a pair of their Blue Locking Hubs (part #SSD00007, street priced at $14.99) and Hub Installation Tool (part #SSD00008, $5.99 price). So how did this stuff go together and work?

• The wheels are made out of four pieces; the two outer plates, internal ring and 12mm hex hub. Six screws hold them together.  I’m happy to report that the wheels took to my RC4WD Mud Basher tires very easily and installation was pretty painless.

• Once seated, the wheels have a great hold on the tire bead. As with every bead lock getup that I test, I tried yanking the tires to unseat them and the SSDs held with no problem. When crawling and trailing on 3S they held fine.

• The hexes had no signs of stripping. If you like running big power in your Wraith or Yeti these are a nice upgrade over the stockers. They are removable and can be swapped out for other manufacturers’ hubs like Vanquish SLWs.

• The scale locking hubs mimmick a 1:1 set of Spicer lockers and install very easy using their installation tool. The wheels were snug and after several bash sessions they did not strip or back off.

• Just a heads up that if you plan on running Pro-Lines be aware that these wheels will not work without also purchasing a compatibility ring from RC4WD (#Z-S1341)

• These things look outstanding! They resemble a Mickey Thompson Classic Lock 1:1 and each wheel has cosmetic zinc plated bolts which look very trick.

I’m a big fan of these wheels. They are stout, reasonably priced, go together easily and look freakin’ sweet. The scale hubs are the cherry on top. If the quality of this product is indicative of the rest of SSD’s catalog, they are going to be a major player in scale r/c crawling for some time to come.

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