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ST Racing Concepts Alloy 0.5 Degree Toe-In Hubs for HPI Blitz

ST Racing Concepts has some new aluminum 0.5 degree toe-in rear hub carriers for your HPI Blitz. They feature a set-screw over hinge-pin design, non-anodized bearing locations to ensure the tighest tolerance and fit for your bearings, and an overized 5x11mm outer bearing seat for extra durability. Plus, the 0.5 degree toe-in should add some more stability and traction to the rear of your Blitz. They are avaliable in anodized gun metal, orange, silver, and a limited edition web only red. MSRP shows around $30.

Be sure to check out ST Racing Concepts for more information!

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Posted by in New Products, ST Racing Concepts on Thursday, June 16th, 2011 at 2:17 pm