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STRC Blue Axial Yeti Parts

STRC Blue Anodized Option Parts for the Axial Yeti

STRC recently announced that they will be releasing some of their popular aluminum upgrade parts for the Axial Yeti with “Tamiya” Blue Anodizing. This is a lighter shade of blue to match the stock Yeti RTR body. 5 pieces will be initially released in the light blue with more to follow.

#STA80070DB2 – Aluminum rear diff case, $17
#STA31105B – Aluminum front chassis brace, $13
#STA80106B – Aluminum front caster blocks, $38
#STA31110B – Aluminum steering knuckles, $39
#STA31170B – HD Aluminum front tower, $21

Hit up This Link to view the plethora of goodies that STRC has for the Axial Yeti.

For more STRC news check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

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