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Superb Flexibility: REEFS RC 900 SMART Servo

Are you looking for the best blend of flexibility and performance in your next R/C servo? REEFS RC has released two new “Smart” servo options, both capable of handling either steering or winching tasks.

Of the two “Smart” servo options, the 900 SMART Servo offers up impressive performance both in speed and power. Boasting 940oz of torque (@8.4V) and 0.10sec speed (@8.4V), this servo should make a great addition to your trail rig or go-fast machine.

Set to “servo mode” out of the box, the 900 SMART can easily be adjusted to “winch mode” through the use of the REEFS Link adapter and software.

REEFS RC 900 SMART Servo Specs:

  • Voltage 4.8V – 8.4V
  • Internal: Steel Gears / All CNC Aluminum Casing
  • Bearing Type: 4 Ball Bearings / Weight: 2.99oz
  • Dimension: 1.57 x .79 x 1.5 (LWH)
  • Torque: 720oz @ 6v/ 830oz @7.4v/ 940oz @8.4v
  • Speed: .13sec @6v/.12sec @7.4v/.10sec @8.4v
  • Spline: 25T / Dead Band Width: 2¦Ìs
  • BEC Not Req. Recommended for max performance=
  • Unload Current: 460mA @ 4.8V / 500mA @ 6.0V / 540mA @ 7.4V / 580mA @ 8.4V
  • Load Current: 5000mA @ 4.8V / 5800mA @ 6.0V / 6800mA @ 7.4V / 7400mA @ 8.4V

Priced at $179.99, the 900 SMART Servo is available online at

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