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SuperShafty Team Garage Hack SS-F6 Bombproof Transmission

SuperShafty/Team Garage Hack SS-F6 Bombproof Crawling Transmission

The folks at SuperShafty and Team Garage Hack have collaborated to design the new SS-F6 Bombproof Transmission. Designed for durability, the new SS-F6 is smaller, lighter, and easier to fit into tight spaces than most normal transmissions. Check out these highlights-

* Multi-platform transmission
* Improved steering radius and reduced torque twist
* Lighter, shorter, and thinner than most transmissions
* Perfect for LCG builds
* 5mm output shafts at 18% underdrive
* Includes mounts for forward motor placement
* Optional offerings included 0% through 26% U.D.
* Legacy 3-gear mounting pattern
* Mirroring capabilities
* Anodized 6061 aluminum cases
* Oversized bearings
* 1045 through-Hardened gears & shafts
* Includes TGF locker
* Weight – 4.2oz
* Size – 45.7 X 27.3mm

The Supershafty/Team Garage Hack SS-F6 Bombproof Crawling Transmission is available right now with street pricing of $199.

You can Click This Link to read about more upgrades right here on BigSquidRC.


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