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Swatch X DRL 2019 Watch Unboxing Video

So here’s an unboxing video that’s a little different! Today we unbox the Swatch X DRL 2019 watch! So while I can hear a few of you rolling your eyes, this is actually a pretty big deal. Swatch is a HUGE company and they have been a sponsor as the timing system for the Drone Racing League (DRL) and it’s cool that these two worlds have come together. For stuff to go big, it needs sponsors, and for stuff to get sponsors, it needs to look like it’s going big! The DRL has been doing well (in our eyes), it’s on TV, it’s all over the net, and it’s dang cool to watch. (With the correct commentary and editing), so why not? I have been a Swatch fan for years, and was pretty excited when I saw the watch get released.

Leave a comment on the YT page, have you owned a Swatch? Do you still own one? Still wear it? Want to sell me yours? LOL. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this unboxing, as it’s a bit different than normal.

If you haven’t watched a Drone Racing League Video:

And go get a Swatch! Here is the Official Swatch Site, and the link to the Swatch DRL Page.

Also, go check out our buddy Nurk FPV!

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