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Sweep Racing F21 Low Profile F1 Tires

Sweep Racing F21 Low Profile F1 Tires

The crew over at Sweep Racing are releasing F21 Low Profile F1 Tires. What’s so special about these F1 tires? The Sweep F21s look like the lower profile tires that full sized F1 teams will start running in 2021. Thanks to Sweep, soon you will be able to build a fully realistic 2021 style F1 car. Here are more details-

* Styling based off 2021 F1 tires
* Front and rears tires will be available
* Front tires are 27mm wide
* Rear tires are 40mm wide
* New low profile wheels w/ wide offset
* Soft, medium, and hard rubber compounds will be available

You can use this link to hit up the official Sweep Racing Website, or you can Click Right Here to read more Sweep news on BigSquidRC.


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