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T-Bone Racing Traxxas Chassis Brace Summit

T-Bone Racing Chassis Brace for Traxxas 1/16 Summit

T-Bone Racing Traxxas Chassis Brace Summit
The Traxxas 1/16th Summit is a versatile bash machine, but just like the bionic man it can be made stronger and faster. The crew over at T-Bone Racing (TBR) have just announced a new chassis brace for the little Summit. Made out of .125″ black nylon and mounted with 12 screws along the bottom of the truck, the TBR brace spreads heavy impacts along the entire distance of the chassis helping to keep it in one piece. The last thing you want to happen while bashing with friends is to break your chassis in half, the TBR chassis brace will go a long ways towards making sure your truck goes home in one piece.

The part number for the TBR Traxxas 1/16th Summit chassis brace is #62114, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and it has a street price of $25. The braces are available right now and you can click THIS LINK for more information.

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Posted by in New Products, Traxxas on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 11:12 am