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T-Bone Racing Associated B5 Bumper

T-Bone Racing Pro Front Chassis Brace/Bumper for Associated B5

T-Bone Racing Associated B5 Bumper
While the Associated B5 may be intended for the racetrack, that doesn’t keep people from bashing them. For all you people that bash the B5 hard, T-Bone Racing has produced a new Pro Series Front Chassis Brace Bumper. The chassis brace was designed to not only protect the front of the buggy, but to also strengthen it and keep it from snapping during those extreme bashing sessions.

The TBR chassis brace is made from .096 nylon and mounts with 6 screws, two of which must be drilled into the chassis of the B5. The drill bit is supplied and once the chassis brace is mounted your B5 will be ready for some serious bashing (or slamming the pipes at your favorite track).

The part number for the TBR bumper is #11142, it has a street price of $15, they are available right now, and just Click This Link to get more information over on the TBR website.

Read more about T-Bone Racing at This Link on BigSquidRC.

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