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T-Bone Racing Front Bumper HPI Jumpshot MT

T-Bone Racing XV2F V2 Front Bumper, HPI Jumpshot MT

For all you new HPI Jumpshot MT owners, the folks at T-Bone Racing have already designed a heavy duty Front Bumper for your truck. The new bumper is one of their V2 units which is designed for more of a scale look, while retaining the ability to take a massive hit without breaking. The V2 front bumper for the Jumpshot MT also has 3 holes that are pre-drilled for mounting up LED lights.

The bumper is street priced at $20, it has a part number of #26037, and they are available right now. For complete details check out This Link over on TBR’s official website.

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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 at 12:27 pm