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T-Bone Front Bumper Durango DEX8T

T-Bone Upgrades For The Durango DEX8T

If you’ve been following our March Bashness contest, then you already know that our readers have voted the Durango DEX8T as one of their top 8 bash-mobiles of 2016. To make the big Durango even better, the good folks over at T-Bone Racing have 4 new upgrades for it.

First up is a Wide Basher Front Bumper. Like the name states, this is the bumper you want for serious bashing. It is wide and strong, thus offering serious protection to the front of your DEX8T. Pricing for the wide style front bumper is $29 and it has a part number of #18033.

Next up is a Wide Basher Rear Bumper. Whether it be a rough rear landing from a jump, or getting rear-ended by your buddy driving an X-Maxx, a rear bumper can come in quite handy. The TBR rear bumper for the DEX8T is priced at just $13 with a part number of #18029.

For all you big horsepower fans, TBR is also offering an Extended Rear Wheelie Bar Set. This allows you to ride longer wheelies, while not seriously compromising the off-road abilities of your truck. Pricing for the wheelie bar set is $32 and it has a part number of #18030.

The last upgrade is a Thrasher V2 Front Bumper. The Thrasher V2 is a two piece unit and of course comes with TBR’s lifetime warranty against breakage. Pricing for this style of front bumper is $29 and has a part number of #18027.

To get all the finer details simply hit up the official TBR Website, or you can Click Right Here for more TBR news on BigSquidRC.


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