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T.O.P. Sabre 4WD Mini

T.O.P. Sabre 4WD Mini TC Kit

T.O.P. Sabre 4WD Mini
In our last post we talked about classes like 4wd buggy getting popular during indoor season here in America. Another class that people like racing during indoor season is carpet touring car.

The crew over at T.O.P. (Tokyo Option Parts) has just announced the Sabre 4wd Mini Touring Car. As you can see from looking at the pictures the Sabre Mini isn’t some low-end car, it is loaded with carbon fiber and aluminum from nose to tail. Other key features include heavy duty diffs and the ability to fine tune the Ackerman of the steering. T.O.P. says the car will be available at some point this Fall, for more information hit up This Link.

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