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Tactic TTX200 Transmitter

Tactic TTX200 SLT Transmitter

When going on an all day trail adventure, a compact radio system can be a blessing. A small radio will get snagged on fewer branches, plus it will be lighter to pack around all day. Tactic is now selling the TTX200 SLT Transmitter as a stand alone unit. The TTX200 is ultra affordable with just a $39 price point and won’t weigh you down on long trail drives. This is the stock radio on the 1/18th scale Axial vehicles, now you can buy replacements, or use in any number of different surface applications.

* Throttle & steering endpoint adjustments
* Uses buttons to adjust steering & throttle trim
* Low battery indicator
* Steering & throttle can be reversed
* One year limited warranty
* Ergonomic foam grip
* FHSS spread spectrum modulation
* Tactic SLT protocol

The TTX200 is shipping right now with a part number of #TACJ0202. You can use This Link to check out the official Tactic website or you can Click Right Here for more Tactic news on BigSquidRC.


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