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Tactic TTX660

Tactic TTX660 Air Transmitter

Coming soon for all you pilots out there is the Tactic TTX660. The TTX660 is a 6 channel air radio that comes with dedicated flight menus for airplanes, helicopters, and for drones. The Tactic is compatible with all SLT receivers as well as Tx-R aircraft. A large backlit screen makes it easy to read information or to make changes while a 30 model memory saves time at the airfield.

* Easy to use menus
* Full sweep angle sliding levers
* Proportional dial
* Cable jack for using with a flight simulator
* Digital trims
* Ball bearings on gimbals
* Wireless training system
* Folding antenna
* 8 pre-programmed mixes, 4 programmable
* Dual rates and exponential
* Adjustable LVA
* Adjustable stick length and tension

Shipping in June, the TTX660 has a part number of #TACJ2660 and is street priced at $139. Hit up the official Tactic Website for more details or Click Here for more Tactic news on BigSquidRC.


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