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RC4WD Cali Off-Road Distorted 1.9 Wheels

RC4WD Cali Off-Road Distorted 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels

Are you a fan of Cali Off-Road products? If so, have a look at the latest wheels from RC4WD. The RC4WD Cali Off-Road Distorted 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels have incredible scale realism, right down to the smallest details. Here are the highlights- * Unique jet engine blade-like spoke design * First Cali Off-Road licensed product from RC4WD * Realistic center hub-cap * Laser-etched logo that [...]


RC4WD TUFF T21 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD TUFF T21 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

New from RC4WD are TUFF T21 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels. These new aluminum wheels are the first collaboration between TUFF and RC4WD, after having a look at them, we can’t wait to see more! Here are the highlights- * Officially licensed by TUFF wheel company * Internal beadlock design * Aggressive center caps * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Width- 1.02″ * [...]


Pro-Line Rock Shooter Wheel Video

Video – Pro-Line Rock Shooter 1.9″ Aluminum Composite Wheels

A few weeks ago Pro-Line formally announced their new Rock Shooter 1.9″ scale wheels. The Rock Shooters have an aluminum wheel face for maximum realism, while other parts are composite to save weight. CNC machined to exacting standards, the new Pro-Line wheels look great, while also being tough enough for anything that might come up on the trail. After watching the [...]


Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy Kit

Axial Capra 1.9″ Unlimited Trail 4WD Buggy Kit

New from Axial Racing is the Capra 1.9″ Unlimited Trail 4WD Buggy Kit. The Capra brings serious crawling performance to the trail with portal style axles and a new Dig function. A cutting edge buggy kit, the Capra was designed to dominate. Here are more highlights- * New transmission with Dig function * Currie F9 portal axles * All metal gears * Tube chassis [...]


Vehement 1.9" Internal Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Vehement 1.9″ Internal Beadlock Wheels

New from RC4WD are Vehement 1.9″ Internal Beadlock Wheels. The Vehement wheels have a fantastic scale look and were designed to be more than durable enough for your off-road antics. Here are the highlights- * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Comes with a standard sized 12mm wheel hex * Wheel Size- 1.9″ * Width- 1.02″ * Weight- 2.69oz The RC4WD Vehement Scale Wheels [...]


Pro-Line Rock Shooter 1.9 Aluminum Composite Internal Bead-Loc Wheels

Pro-Line Rock Shooter 1.9" Aluminum Composite Internal Bead-…

The folks over at Pro-Line have been teasing some new 1.9″ scale off road wheels and here they are. Pro-Line has now officially dropped their Rock Shooter 1.9″ Aluminum Composite Wheels for all you scale fanatics out there. Here are the highlights- * All new design * Next level scale realism * 12mm hex pocket milled into wheel * CNC machined aluminum wheel face * [...]


Pro-Line Rock Shooter 1.9 Aluminum Wheels

Pro-Line Rock Shooter 1.9” Aluminum Composite Bead-Loc Whe…

Now being teased by Pro-Line are Rock Shooter 1.9″ Aluminum Composite Wheels. The new Rock Shooters have a classic look and were designed to be a premium wheel, at an affordable price point. We will post complete details on the Rock Shooters when they become available. Until then, you can hit up this link to make the jump over to [...]


Element RC General Grabber X3 1.9" Tires

Element RC General Grabber X3 1.9″ Tires

New from the folks at Element RC are General Grabber X3 1.9″ Tires. These fully licensed off-road tires are a great upgrade for your scale rig and are sized to fit 1.9″ wheels. * Foam inserts * 1.9″ bead size * Official licensed by General Tire * Mud terrain tread design The Element RC General Grabber X3 1.9″ Tires are street priced at $21 per [...]


RC4WD ION Style 71 1.9 Wheels

RC4WD ION Style 71 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

Now shipping from RC4WD are fully licensed ION Alloy Style 71 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels. In your search for total scale realism, the Style 71 wheels have the classic look that so many hobbyists are after now days. Take a look at some highlights- * First wheel in new collaboration between ION Alloy & RC4WD * Realistic slick chrome look * Scale ION Alloy [...]


RC4WD Level 8 Bully Pro 6 1.9 Wheels

RC4WD Level 8 Bully Pro 6 1.9″ Wheels

Shipping now from RC4WD are Level 8 Bully Pro 6 1.9″ Wheels. Level 8 is a hot brand on the 1:1 scene, now you can buy a set for your 1.9″ scale rig. * New partnership between RC4WD and Level 8 * Extreme off-road design * True to scale looks * Durable CNC billet aluminum construction * Miniature scale hex bolts * Laser etched Level 8 [...]


Pitbull RC Raceline Aluminum Wheels

3 New 1.55″ Raceline Licensed Wheels By Pitbull RC

Have you been looking for some insanely trick 1.55″ wheels for your next build? If so, have a look at not one, but three, fully licensed Raceline aluminum wheels from Pitbull RC. All three wheels are a beadlock design and have been perfectly scaled down from their larger 1:1 couterparts. * True scale replicas of Raceline’s Clutch, Ryno, & Combat wheels * [...]


RC4WD Rover Classic Vogue 1.9 Wheels

2 New Rover 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels From RC4WD

New from RC4WD are a pair of new Rover Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. The Rover wheels are incredibly scale realistic, yet were designed to handle serious off-road driving. Here are more details- * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Beadlock design * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Silver anodized finish * Width- 1.02″ * Positive Offset- 0.07″ Both designs are street priced at $118 for a set of [...]


Gmade BOM RTR Scale Rock Crawler

Gmade BOM RTR Scale Rock Crawler

Coming soon from Gmade is a RTR Version of their popular BOM Scale Rock Crawler. The BOM comes on Gmade’s GS02 scale off-road chassis and is ready to hit the trail right out of the box. * Relocated rear shocks * Front weight bias for improved crawling * CMS system * 27 turn brushed motor * Steel ladder frame * Adjustable wheelbase * Chassis mounted servo [...]


Axial Racing Wraith 1.9 RTR

Axial Racing Drops A New Wraith 1.9″ RTR!!!

Here ya go Axial Racing fans, they have just announced a new 1.9″ Wraith RTR Scale Rock Crawler! * Refined chassis with increased ground clearance * New skid plate and lower rails * Front battery mounting location * Chassis mounted servo * Single piece AR44 axles * Adjustable oil filled shocks * S30 compound, licensed Nitto Grappler tires * Detailed polycarbonate body * Plastic scale detailing like grill and [...]


RC4WD Fuel Offroad Zephyr Aluminum 1.9 Wheels

RC4WD Fuel Zephyr 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels

Shipping right now from RC4WD are new Fuel Zephyr 1.9″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. These gorgeous wheels have been meticulously scaled for your rock crawling enjoyment. Here are some features and specifications- * Fully licensed by Fuel Offroad * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Anodized black finish * Incredible detailing * Weight- 2.73oz * Width- 1.02″ * Negative Offset- 0.25″ Pricing for the RC4WD [...]