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JConcepts 1.9 Hunk Tusk Scale Rock Crawling Tires

JConcepts 1.9″ Hunk and Tusk 4.75″ Tall Scaler Tires

New from JConcepts are 1.9″ sized Hunk and Tusk 4.75″ Tall Scaler Tires. These big ole off-road tires have a great scale appearance, while also being big on performance. Check out these highlights- Hunk 4.75″ Scaler Tires * Pavement pounder with scale looks * Molded in JC’s green rubber compound * Angular sidewall lugs * Ole Western JConcepts tire lettering * Comes with medium open cell [...]


JConcepts Hunk Scale Crawling 1.9 Tires

JConcepts Drops A Pair Of New Class 1 Scale Truck Tires

New from the good folks over at JConcepts are a pair of new scale rock crawling tires. The new tires are called Hunk and Tusk, with both having the scale look, and on trail performance, that you want on your scale crawler. Here are more highlights- * Medium density closed cell foam inserts * Molded from JC’s super soft Green rubber compound * [...]


Locked Up RC 1.9 EG1 Bead Lock Rings Black

Locked Up RC 1.9″ EG1 Bead Lock Rings in Black

New from Locked Up RC are 1.9″ sized EG1 Bead Lock Rings in Black. Featuring a trendy 5 blade design, these bead lock rings are an easy way to give your crawler a sharp new look. * Anodized in black * Bead Diameter- 1.9″ * Width- 3mm * Weight- 0.35oz * 6 screw mounting system The Locked Up RC Black EG1 Bead Lock Rings are priced [...]


Locked Up RC 1.9 Generator AO8 Internal Bead Lock Wheels

Locked Up RC 1.9″ Generator AO8 Internal Bead Lock Wheels

New from the crew at Locked Up RC are 1.9″ Generator AO8 Internal Bead Lock Wheels. The new Generator AO8 are significantly lighter than most crawling wheels and works with standard 1.9″ crawling tires. Here are the highlights- * Features 10 dual level spokes for a unique look * Works with AO8 style axle flange & optional 1.9″ Easy Mount rings * Uses [...]


Locked Up RC 1.9 H3X SLW Crawler Wheels

Locked Up RC 1.9″ H3X SLW Rock Crawler Wheels

New from Locked Up RC are 1.9″ H3X SLW scale wheels for rock crawlers. With a mix of classic and modern wheel design, the H3X SLW wheels are easy to customize and make it simple to give your rig a new look. Here are the highlights- * Lightweight design, internal bead locks * Uses 1 external and 1 internal ring * Fits 1.9″ [...]


Gmade RC MT 1905 1.9 Scale Crawling Tires

Gmade MT 1905 1.9″ Scale Crawling Tires

New from Gmade are MT 1905 1.9″ Scale Crawling Tires. Gmade has become one of the leaders in the scale off-road movement and recent they announced new 1.9″ sized off-road tires. With a scale tread pattern and molded from a soft rubber compound, the new MT 1905s are designed to give your rig serious grip, even in harsh conditions. * Super [...]


Duratrax Class 1 Scale Rock Crawling Tires

Duratrax Announces Class 1 Scale Crawling Tires

New from Duratrax is a line-up of Class 1 Scale Rock Crawling Tires. With super soft rubber and scale realistic tread patterns, the Duratrax Class 1 crawling tires are more than ready for your next scale adventure. Here are the highlights- * Class 1 sizing- 4.19″ outer diameter * Super-soft C3 rubber compound * Aggressive tread designs * Pre-mounted sets come with fully assembled [...]


MST 1.9" DC Crawler Tires

MST Announces New 1.9″ DC Crawler Tires

Over at Max Speed Technology they have just announced new 1.9″ DC Crawler Tires. The new MST tires have a great scale look and are molded from MST’s soft 30° rubber compound. Coming in at 30X105-1.9″, the DC crawling tires are sized to fit most popular rock crawlers. The MST 1.9″ DC Crawler Tires have a part number of #831010DC and [...]


Max Speed Technology RC 30X105-1.9 DC Rock Crawler Tires

Max Speed Technology 30X105-1.9″ DC Rock Crawler Tires

Today the crew at Max Speed Technology announced new 30X105-1.9″ DC Rock Crawler Tires. For some builds small tires look right, on others extremely tall tires fit the bill, the new 30X105-1.9″ sized DC tires from MST are a mid-sized 1.9″ that are perfect for most builds. * Molded from soft-30° rubber * Sold in pairs * Realistic tread pattern * Fits 1.9″ crawling [...]


RC4WD OEM JK Internal Beadlock 1.9" Wheels

RC4WD OEM JK Internal Beadlock 1.9″ Wheels

Shipping now from RC4WD are OEM JK Internal Beadlock 1.9″ Wheels. These high-end aluminum wheels are perfect for your next Jeep JK build as they look like the stock wheels that came on many Jeeps straight from the factory. Check out these highlights- * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Durable black anodized finish * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Width- 1.03″ * Weight- [...]


RC4WD Fuel Off-Road Cleaver 1.9 Dually Wheels

RC4WD Fuel Off-Road Cleaver 1.9″ Dually Wheels

New and hot from RC4WD are Fuel Off-Road Cleaver 1.9″ Dually Wheels. This immaculately detailed set of wheels includes a pair for the front, as well as the rear, to give you a perfectly matched set. Made from heavy duty aluminum, the Fuel dually wheel set looks good, while also being more than tough enough for the rigors of daily [...]


Traxxas Pre-Mounted Method 105 1.9" Wheels with Canyon Trail 4.6x1.9" Tires

Traxxas Pre-Mounted Method 105 1.9" Wheels with Canyon Trail…

Shipping soon from Traxxas are Pre-Mounted Method 105 1.9″ Wheels with Canyon Trail 4.6×1.9″ Tires. These feature black chrome wheels with blue beadlocks for serious scale appeal. The wheels have been pre-mounted with Traxxas Canyon Trail tires to help give your rig more traction, while also maintaining a proper scale appearance. The Traxxas Pre-Mounted Method 105 Wheels with Canyon Trail Tires [...]


RC4WD Slot Mag 1.9 Aluminum Wheels

RC4WD Slot Mag 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels

Oh here we go folks, RC4WD has just dropped a long time classic. New from the RC4WD cew are 1.9″ Slot Mag Aluminum Wheels. If you are looking for some true classic wheels to mount on your next scale build, vintage Slot Mags are a great option. Here are the highlights- * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Durable silver anodized [...]


Pro-Line Carbine 1.9 Bead-Loc Dually Wheels

Pro-Line Carbine 1.9″ Bead-Loc Dually Wheels

The latest hot new release from Pro-Line are the Carbine 1.9″ Black Plastic Internal Bead-Loc Dually Wheels. Are you ready to get extreme, like super, over the top extreme? The Carbine wheels fit Pro-Line’s extensive line-up of 1.9″ crawling tires. The big news is, the Carbine wheels can be used as a single, as a dually, or You Can Add [...]


Sweep Racing Spiral 1.9 Aluminum RC Crawling Wheels

Sweep Racing Spiral 1.9″ Aluminum Crawling Wheels

New over at Sweep Racing are Spiral 1.9″ Aluminum Scale Crawling Wheels. Sweep is best known in the bashing world for their belted monster truck tires. With their new Spiral aluminum wheels, Sweep is jumping into the scale crawling arena. Check out these highlights- * Fits 1.9″ sized crawling tires * Multiple air holes for superior tire venting * Unique 10 spoke design * [...]