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SSD RC 1.9 Champion Wheels

SSD RC 1.9″ Champion Aluminum Wheels

Shipping now from SSD RC are 1.9″ Champion Wheels in grey/silver. The Champion wheels have a great scale look and were machined out of a high quality aluminum. Take a look at these features- * Durable grey anodizing * Fits all brands of tires * Standard 1.9″ wheel size * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Removable hub * Internal beadlock system * Steel hex head bolts with [...]


Element RC 1.9 The Ocho Beadlock Wheels

Element RC 1.9″ The Ocho Beadlock Wheels

New from Element RC are 1.9″ sized The Ocho beadlock wheels for scale rock crawlers. These feature a classic 8 hole design and come with an SLW-style hub. Available in either silver or black, The Ochos will look great on your next scale build. The Element RC “The Ocho” Wheels are street priced at $21 for a complete set of four. Read [...]


Vanquish Products Incision KMC 1.9" Panzer Wheels

Vanquish Products Incision KMC 1.9″ Panzer Wheels

New from Vanquish are Incision KMC 1.9″ Panzer Wheels in clear and black. Officially licensed by Incision, these have the scale realism you desire, with all the trail worthiness that you require. Here are the highlights- * Only 5 screws for rapid tire changes * Strong, lightweight design * Grade 5 stainless steel hardware * Internal clamp ring beadlock mounting system * Detailed center cap [...]


RC4WD BFGoodrich Mud Terrain TA KM3 1.9 Tires

RC4WD BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 1.9″ Tires

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/As have been some of the most popular 1:1 off-tires on the market for decades. Now RC4WD has announced a fully licensed 1.9″ version for the rc rock crawling crowd. RC4WD’s all new BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 1.9″ Tires have impeccable scale realism and are molded in an advanced X2S³ rubber compound for massive grip [...]


Pro-Line Interco TrXus M/T 1.9" Crawling Tire Video

Video – Pro-Line Interco TrXus M/T 1.9″ Crawling Tires

With scale realism being all the rage in our hobby, Pro-Line has released a video for their new Interco TrXus M/T 1.9″ Rock Crawling Tires. The video below does a great job of showing how scale realist the new Interco tires are on camera, as well as telling you more about the TrXus M/T in general. Pro-Line’s Gerardo Gonzalez narrators [...]


RC4WD BFGoodrich Mud Terrain RC Tires

RC4WD Drops 4 New BFGoodrich Licensed Tires

The good folks over at RC4WD have dropped Four New Fully Licensed BFGoodrich Tires. Now on the menu over at RC4WD are the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2, Krawler T/A KX, as well as the All Terrain KO2. With insane scale realism and sizes ranging from 1.55 to 1.9, these new BFG tires from RC4WD are perfect for your next [...]


MST MG 40X120-1.9 Crawler Tires

MST MG 40X120-1.9″ Rock Crawling Tire

Recently announced by MST is the MG 40X120-1.9″ Rock Crawling Tire. The MG has a great scale look with large lugs and heavy sidewall detailing. The MG also comes in MST’s soft 30° rubber compound to give your rig incredible levels of raw mechanical grip. The MST MG Rock Crawler Tires have a part number of #831008 and you can hit [...]


Pro-Line Interco TrXus MT RC Tires

Pro-Line Interco TrXus M/T 1.9″ G8 Scale Crawling Tires

New for all you scale crawling fanatics out there is a Interco TrXus M/T 1.9″ G8 Scale Crawling Tire from Pro-Line. The crew at Pro-Line used Interco’s official database to create a perfectly scale realistic version of their iconic 1:1 tire. Here are the details- * 4.5″ tall by 1.65″ wide * Legendary mud tire performance * Officially licensed by Interco * Incredible scale [...]


Team KNK RC Aluminum 1.9 Wheels Scale Crawling

Team KNK Hardware Announces Aluminum 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

Mike and his crew over at Team KNK Hardware have just announced new Scale Aluminum Wheels!. This is a huge departure from their regular nuts and bolts that they sell, but Team KNK is known as one of the most trustworthy brands in scaling. Here is the scoop- * Starting with two different wheel designs- Cyclone and 5 Slot * Available in [...]


RC4WD Rogue 1.7 1.9 Aluminum Wheels

RC4WD Rogue 1.7″ & 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

Do you have a scale crawler in need of some hot new aluminum wheels? If so, have a look at the new Rogue Beadlock 1.7″ and 1.9″ aluminum wheels from RC4WD. The Rogue wheels feature a tough off-road look and are made from beefy aluminum. * Standard 12mm wheel hex * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Silver anodized finish * True beadlock design * [...]


RC4WD Rally 1.9 Gold Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Rally 1.9″ Gold Beadlock Wheels

Available right now for your next scale build are Rally 1.9″ Gold Beadlock Wheels from RC4WD. The Rally wheels have a fantastic scale appearance and were designed for serious off-road use. * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * ABS plastic center hub * Center hub is removable * RC4WD logo on hub * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Width- 1.29″ * Weight- 2.82oz Priced at $54, [...]


RC4WD Enforcer Red 1.9" Wheels

RC4WD Enforcer 1.9″ Red Beadlock Wheels

New and shipping now from RC4WD are 1.9″ Enforcer Beadlock Wheels in Red. The red anodizing really sets off the Enforcer, which has a tough modern look. Here are more details- * Made from CNC machined aluminum * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Red anodizing * 1.9″ wheel size * Outer Diameter- 2.14″ * Width- 1.14″ * Weight- 2.44oz Street pricing for a set of RC4WD Enforcers comes [...]


Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RTR Trail Buggy

Axial Racing Capra 1.9″ Unlimited RTR Trail Buggy

New from Axial Racing is the RTR Version of the Capra 1.9″ Unlimited Trail Buggy. The RTR version comes fully assembled and painted to get you on the trail as quickly as possible. Here are the highlights- * DIG function transmission * Fully licensed Currie F9 portal style axles * All metal gears * Stainless steel pivot balls * Realistic tube chassis * Licensed Nitto Trail [...]


RC4WD Falken WildPeak HT 1.9 Tires

RC4WD Falken WildPeak H/T 1.9″ Tires

Shipping right now from RC4WD are fully licensed Falken WildPeak H/T 1.9″ Tires. The Falken tires are a great mix of pavement and off-road capability, while also offering an incredible level of scale realism. * Precise tread pattern, intricate details on the sidewalls * Molded from the softest rubber compound on the market, great for rock climbing * Fits 1.9″ wheels * Weight- 2.14oz * [...]


JConcepts Landmines 1.9 Performance Scale Tire

JConcepts Landmines 1.9″ Performance Scale Tire

New from JConcepts are Landmines 1.9″ performance scale off-road tires. Designed specifically for all you crawling enthusiasts out there, the Landmines are at the cutting edge of all-out performance, while also being able to pull off a scale appearance. Here are the highlights- * 4.72″ tall * Molded from JC’s super soft Green rubber compound * Comes with soft open cell foam inserts * [...]