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Team Associated RC MT12 Monster Truck RTR

Team Associated 1/12 MT12 RTR Monster Truck

Over at Team Associated they have just dropped the 1/12 MT12 Monster Truck RTR. This burly little beast has loads of scale realism and is more than ready for car crushing action! Check out these highlights- * Retro-styled monster truck body * Realistic chrome wheels with chevron-style tires * Steel ladder frame chassis * Metal 4-link suspension with threaded shocks * Soft rubber tires for [...]


Schumacher RC 12th Atom 3 GT12 Kit

Schumacher 1/12 Atom 3 GT12 Kit

New from Schumacher is the 1/12 Atom 3 GT12 Kit. Engineered for serious race performance, the Atom 3 is loaded with carbon fiber and ready to help you win big. Here are the highlights- * Expected to start shipping in February * Carbon fiber (#K202 – £299) or S2 plastic (#K207 – £219) chassis * New gear differential * New top decks for increased [...]


Rochobby The Peoples Car Beetle RC RTR Video

Video – Rochobby 1/12 The People’s Car RTR in Gray

Now shipping from Rochobby is the 1/12 The People’s Car RTR in Gray. The folks at Rochobby not only made an impeccably scaled body, but also loaded The People’s Car with next-gen scale accessories. Check out these highlights- * Civilian version of the Beetle * Scale looking Boxer air-cooled engine cover * Engine fan rotates, fan is driven by belt * 2-speed transmission, switchable [...]


Mon-Tech Racing RC 12th M22 Pan Car Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/12 M22 Clear Pan Car Body

As we are right now in the middle of carpet indoor race season, Mon-Tech Racing has dropped a new 1/12 M22 Clear Pan Car Body. The M22 fits most standard 1/12th pan cars and will be available in regular or lightweight versions. The M22 sports a low, lean look and was designed to increase turning and stability. The Mon-Tech Racing M22 [...]


Schumacher RC 12th Eclipse 5 Pan Car

Schumacher Announces 1/12 Eclipse 5 Pan Car

Over at Schumacher they have announced the 1/12th scaled Eclipse 5 Pan Car Kit. If you had not heard, Schumacher is the reigning 1/12th scale IFMAR World and EFRA European Champions in both modified and stock classes. Their new Eclipse 5 has numerous updates and upgrades to take performance to even a higher level. Check out these highlights- * Ultimate professional [...]


Tamiya RC ReRelease 12th FMC XR311 Kit

Tamiya Releases The FMC XR311 Kit

Now available for your bashing or collecting enjoyment is the re-release of Tamiya’s FMC XR311 Kit. The XR311 was Tamiya’s first model that had suspension and was released originally way back in 1977. Here are more highlights- * 1/12 2WD with duralumin chassis * Rear-mounted motor with rear-wheel drive layout * Battery is positioned in the center of the chassis * 4-wheel double wishbone [...]


ROCHOBBY RC 12th 1941 MB Scaler RTR Video

Rochobby 1/12 Military Vehicle Collection Series Official Re…

Over at Rochobby they have posted a 1/12 Military Vehicle Collection Series Official Release Video. The video stars Rochobby’s incredible 1941 MB Scaler, which not only looks scale, but also drives in a scale manner. Watch the video below to see just how realistic the 1941 MB Scaler looks while rock crawling and flying through grassy areas. After the video, you [...]


HPI Racing Maverick 12th BlackZon Smyter Vehicle Line-Up

HPI Racing Teases New 1/12 BlackZon Smyter Vehicle Line-Up

Over at HPI Racing they have just announced a new 1/12 BlackZon Smyter vehicle line-up. The line-up includes 3 different vehicles, where each will be available in 2 different colors. The line-up includes a Monster Truck, a Desert Truck, as well as a Desert Buggy. 1/12 BlackZon Smyter Vehicle Line-Up #540110 – BlackZon Smyter MT 4WD Monster Truck – Green #540111 – BlackZon [...]


Tamiya 12037 Lotus Type 78

Teaser – Tamiya 1/12 Lotus Type 78 Kit

Now being teased over at Tamiya is the return of their 1/12th scaled Lotus Type 78 Kit. This classic Formula 1 race car was first released back in 1978, then was re-released with updates in 2008, and now will make a reappearance for 2022. The latest version features a photo-etched part set and is incredibly scale detailed. The re-release of the [...]


FMS 1/12 Toyota FJ45 Videos

The new FMS 1:12 TOYOTA FJ45 Pickup Truck is here! The latest scale masterpiece from FMS was in our shop and out rocking the trails recently so here are the details as we are working on the review! * Length: 345mm * Width: 127mm * Height: 124mm * Wheel base: 270mm * Tire: D:60mm , W:15mm * Ground clearance: 29mm * Driving speed: 8km/h Max * Lights, [...]


Destiny Racing RC DTY-12 Pan Car Kit

Teaser – Destiny Racing 1/12 DTY-12 Pan Car Kit

Coming soon from Destiny Racing is the 1/12 DTY-12 Pan Car Kit. The upcoming DTY-12 pan car kit was designed and developed by ZEN Racing and is loaded with trick carbon fiber goodies for high-end racing performance. The DTY-12 received a bunch of changes from the old model to help lower the center of gravity and to improve lap times. As [...]


Kyosho RC 12th Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit

Kyosho 1/12 Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit

Now shipping from Kyosho is the 1/12 Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit. This vintage re-release comes with a full time chain driven 4wd system and is a true blast from the past. Here are some highlights- * Width – 172mm * Wheelbase – 199-200mm * Gear Ratio – 3.38:1 * Weight – 890 grams The Kyosho 1:12 Fantom 4WD Ext CRC-II Kit is street priced [...]


XRay 2023 X12 Pan Car Kit

XRay 2023 X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit

Just announced is the XRay 2023 X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit. Designed to win at even the highest levels of racing, the 2023 edition of the X12 is an elite high-end race machine. Check out these highlights- * Available in USA or EU versions * New shorter chassis * Ultra low platform * Reconfigured bulkheads for a lower CG * Newly designed battery mounting system * [...]


Yokomo RC 12th GT1 Pan Car Kit

Yokomo Teases New 1/12 GT1 Pan Car

Now being teased by Yokomo is the 1/12th scaled GT1 Pan Car Kit. The GT1 comes as the replacement to Yokomo’s extremely successful “GT” series, and of course comes with all the latest and greatest in racing tech from Yokomo. For now all we have is a single teaser image, but expect to see more details in the next couple [...]


G-Force Masami Limited Edition 40th Anniversary ALF2022 Pan Car

G-Force Announces Ultra-Limited Edition 40th Anniversary ALF…

This is the most expensive pan car BigSquidRC has ever posted, and will probably ever post! New from G-Force is the uber-exotic, and ultra-limited edition 40th Anniversary ALF2022 pan car. Made in conjunction with RC legend Masami Hirosaka, the ALF2022 is a recreation of the original hand made ALF pan car. * Only 33 units will be available for sale worldwide * [...]