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FMS Toyota LC80 Land Cruiser 18 Scale Crawler

FMS Toyota LC80 Land Cruiser 1/18 Scale Crawler

New from the crew at FMS is the 1/18th scaled Toyota LC80 Land Cruiser RTR. This ridiculously scale detailed rig was designed for serious backyard, or indoor, scale crawling. Check out these highlights- * Designed to static-model standards * Period-correct lights and functioning indicators * Detailed interior * Aluminum chassis rails * Water resistant electronics * Injection-molded hard body * Fully functional hood * Multifunctional light control system * [...]


RC4WD Black Rhino Armory Deep Dish 1.0 Wheels

RC4WD Black Rhino Armory Deep Dish Beadlock 1.0″ Wheels

For all you 1/18th rock crawlers out there, RC4WD has just dropped new 1.0″ sized Black Rhino Armory Deep Dish Beadlock Wheels. These are fully licensed by Black Rhino Armory and have serious amounts of scale realism. Check out these details- * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Standard 7mm wheel hex * Removable center hub * Fits 1.0″ sized crawling tires * [...]


HobbyPlus RC 18 CR18 Harvest RTR Crawler

HobbyPlus 1/18 CR18 Harvest RTR Scale Crawler

Shipping now from HobbyPlus is the 1/18th scaled CR18 Harvest RTR Scale Crawler. The Harvest features a vintage American look and is heavy on the scale detailing. Here are more highlights- * Detailed Kratos body * Clipless body mount system * Chassis mounted servo with Panhard Bar * Waterproof electronics * Solid axles * Internal beadlock 1.0″ wheels * 104:1 ratio gearbox * 600mAh 7.4V LiPo battery w/ [...]


Capo Racing RC Cub1 Rock Crawler Video

Video – Capo Racing Cub1 1/18 Scale Crawler

Over at Capo Racing they are doing a bunch of promotion for their 1/18th scaled Cub1 rock crawler. Watch the video below to see how capable, as well as how scale looking, the Cub1 is while crawling. The Cub1 is one of the most scale realist crawlers to hit the market, watch below to see just how cool it looks [...]


JConcepts Losi Mini-T Mini-B Wheels Tires Pre-Mounted

JConcepts Drops New Wheels and Tires For The Mini-T 2.0 & Mi…

Recently announced by JConcepts are new Tires and Wheels for the Losi Mini-T 2.0, as well as the Mini-B buggy. Up front the JC crew has announced new Carver tires that were specifically designed to give your rig more steering. Out back, JC announced Sprinter tires which are perfect for high bite surfaces. To compliment the new 1/18th scaled tires are [...]


Capo Racing 18th Scale Rock Crawling Obstacles

Teaser – Kaioz RC Model Studio Makes Indoor Crawling Fun!

Now being teased by the Kaioz RC Model Studio is what looks to be a 1/18th Scaled Buildable Crawling Set. The picture shown above was posted on Kaioz’s social media and it shows what appears to be one of the new 1/18th scaled Capo Racing rock crawlers, sitting on a unique set of obstacles. We don’t know when this set [...]


FTX RC Outback Mini X Fury RTR Trail Truck

FTX 1/18 Outback Mini X Fury RTR Trail Truck

The crew over at FTX RC are off to a blazing start in 2021. From a new tracked vehicle (the 1/12 Buzzsaw), to incredibly realistic crawlers, the FTX crew has been sending-it hard so far this year. Their latest release is 1/18th scaled and is called the Outback Mini X Fury Trail Truck. The Mini X Fury sports a modern [...]


FTX RC Outback Mini X Texan 18th RTR

FTX Outback Mini X Texan 1/18th RTR Trail Truck

Shipping soon from FTX RC is the 1/18th scaled Outback Mini X Texan RTR. This small scale trail machine is perfect for indoor scaling, or for the rigors of the great outdoors. Check out these highlights- * Classic old school 40’s/50’s pick up * Available in either gloss green or matt grey * Factory fitted LED lights * Durable lexan body with clear windows * [...]


Capo Racing 18th Scale Crawler Kit

Teaser – Capo Racing 1/18 Scale Off-Road Kit

Right now the folks over at Capo Racing are teasing a new 1/18 Off-Road Kit. During the winter months, smaller 1/18th sized crawlers are perfect for indoor driving. The new small scaler from Capo Racing is sure to bring incredible levels of scale realism to the table. Watch the video below to see more details on what just might be [...]


1/18-scale Sprint Car 3.0 from 1RC Racing

1RC Racing has released an updated version of their 1/18-scale sprint car. The Sprint Car 3.0 RTR features an array of updated body elements, making this smaller-scale R/C replica even closer to what you’ll see on the track. The cosmetic changes on the Sprint Car 3.0 include an updated hood, dash, front wing endplates, cage sides, and front Panhard Bar mount. [...]


Traxxas LaTrax Teton Video

Video – Small Truck, BIG Adventure, LaTrax Teton by Traxxas

For all you small scale fanatics out there, Traxxas has released a new video for their LaTrax Teton monster truck. Watch below to see the Teton fly through mud, catch huge air, and throw serious roost. The Teton comes with a durable 4wd drivetrain, as well as adjustable suspension, to make it a great little backyard basher. After the video, use [...]


RC4WD Interco Super Swamper TSL Thornbird 1.0" Tires

RC4WD Interco Super Swamper TSL Thornbird 1.0″ Tires

As the weather turns colder and all you 1/18th scale rock crawling guys start prepping your gear for indoor season, RC4WD has dropped some new tires for you. Over at RC4WD they have announced all new Interco Super Swamper TSL Thornbird 1.0″ Tires. The Super Swampers are great for getting more grip than your stock tires, and of course, have [...]


HackFab Mini Micro Car Stand 1RC Midget Sprint EDM

HackFab Car Stand for the 1RC Midget Sprint EDM

The crew at HackFab have dropped a very trick Car Stand for the very popular 1RC Midget Sprint Car. This stand works well for 1/18th to 1/24th sized vehicles and was made via 3D printing. Check out these highlights- * Available in multiple different colors * Great for wrenching or as a car display * Size – 2.5″ x 2.5″ x .875″ tall * [...]


RC4WD 18th Gelande II Black Rock Orange Body

RC4WD 1/18 Gelande II w/ New Black Rock Orange Body

Over at RC4WD they have just dropped a new 1/18th scaled Gelande II RTR with an Orange Black Rock Body. The latest Gelande II has incredible scale looks, to go along with the new orange color scheme. Check out these highlights- * High grip Milestar Patagonia M/T 1.0″ micro crawler tires * Realistic aluminum ladder frame * JK 1.0 scale beadlock wheels * R5 [...]


Losi Mini-T 2.0 18th Brushless RTR

Losi Mini-T 2.0 1/18th Brushless RTR

Over at Losi they have announced a Brushless Powered Version of their popular Mini-T 2.0 RTR Stadium Truck. Losi has installed one of their powerful Dynamite 6000kV 2-in-1 brushless motor/ESCs to give the latest version of the Mini-T 2.0 more raw power than ever before. Here are the highlights- * Fully pre-assembled with waterproof electronics * Mid-motor configuration * 6061-T6 aluminum chassis * Threaded [...]