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Axial Racing SCX24 First Bash Video

We recently got our hands on the Axial Racing SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 and have been having a blast driving it around the yard while obeying the stay at home stuff. Check out our first time bashing and crawling. Please don’t forget to subscribe, like, leave a comment, thanks.Check out all the Axial SCX24 products at the Horizon Hobby [...]


Hobby Plus RC Mini Scale Rock Crawler

Hobby Plus Mini Scale Rock Crawlers

Now that everyone is social distancing, mini-sized scale crawlers have been selling like hotcakes. One of the newer names on the mini scene is Hobby Plus. The Hobby Plus crew has put out an entire line-up of 1/18th and 1/24th scaled rock crawlers for your indoor (or outdoor) crawling enjoyment. All the different Hobby Plus mini trucks come in ready [...]


Axial Racing SCX24 Unboxing Video – Chevrolet C10

We recently got the Axial Racing SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10, and it’s time to see what’s in the box! The light green color on this truck is awesome, and I don’t think the video or photos will do it justice. It comes RTR for $119.00 Please enjoy the video, and don’t forget to bash subscribe, hit that like button and [...]


Kyosho Mini-Z 4×4 Toyota 4Runner First Bash Video

Time to get the Kyosho Mini-z 4×4 Toyota 4Runner on the trails! Check out our latest video that features our first run of the truck while we were down at the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo (USTE)! It’s hard to believe it’s held up to all the abuse. While your watching, please make sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons [...]


Video – Unboxing the Kyosho Mini-Z 4×4 Toyota 4Runner

Kyosho recently announced two new Mini-Z 1/24th scale crawlers, a Suzuki Jimny, and a Toyota 4Runner. We got our hands on one so it’s time to unbox the Kyosho Mini-Z 4×4 Toyota 4Runner! In the video we talk about some of the features and also take it for a little spin. Enjoy the video, and watch for a full review [...]


Kyosho Mini-Z Suzuki Jimny Action Video

Action Video – Kyosho Mini-Z 4×4 Suzuki Jimny Sierra

The folks over at Kyosho recently announced a new 1/24th scaled Suzuki Jimny 4wd Mini-Z. Perfect for indoor scale crawling, the Jimny comes with a number of features to enhance your off-road experience. Watch the video below to see the Jimny navigate a tight, yet scale realistic, indoor course. With solid axles and a multi-link suspension, the Mini-Z Jimny is [...]


Tamiya MudMad Action Video

Video – Tamiya 1/24 MudMad

New from Tamiya is an action video for their upcoming 1/24th scaled MudMad. The MudMad comes on Tamiya’s super-compact SW-01 chassis. This particular chassis allows for steering while pulling wheelie (super fun!) as well as front roll-overs. Watch the video to see these tricks, and more, from the tiny MudMad. After the video, you can use this link to get full [...]


Axial Racing SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 RTR

Axial Racing SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 RTR

The crew over at Axial Racing have just announced the SCX24 1967 Chevrolet C10 RTR. The 1967 Chevy C10 comes in either silver or green and is very nicely scale detailed. Here are the highlights- * 1/24th scale, can be driven nearly anywhere * Comes fully assembled with LiPo battery & charger * Fully licensed by Chevy * Licensed Method wheels * Licensed BFGoodrich tires * [...]


Tamiya 1/24 MudMad RC

Teaser – Tamiya 1/24 MudMad

And now, for our third straight 1/24th scaled vehicle of the day, Tamiya is currently teasing the MudMad. The MudMad comes in at 1/24th in scale and uses Tamiya’s incredibly fun SW-01 4wd chassis. The MudMad comes with an all new body, as well as off-road suited block tires. The Tamiya MudMad has a part number of #57412 and we will [...]


Tamiya Volvo A60H Hauler 6x6

Teaser – Tamiya 1/24 Volvo A60H Hauler 6×6

Now being teased by Tamiya is the 1/24 Volvo A60H Hauler 6×6. The Volvo is loaded with scale realism, as well as a beefy 6×6 system thanks to its G6-01 chassis. The bed on the Volvo articulates and its large monster truck tires are primed to run over smaller vehicles. The Tamiya Volvo A60H Hauler 6×6 has a part number of [...]


Kyosho Mini-Z Scale Crawlers Toyota Suzuki

Kyosho Announces A Pair of New Mini-Z Scale Crawlers

Announced earlier today at the Nuremburg Toy Fair are a pair of new Mini-Z Scale Crawlers from Kyosho. Kyosho has announced a new Mini-Z 4×4 Toyota 4Runner (Hilux Surf), as well as a Mini-Z 4×4 Suzuki Jimny Sierra. Both trucks were designed at Kyosho’s California office and are heavy on the scale realism. Take a look at these highlights- * Fully [...]


Video Unboxing the Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler

We got our hands on a new Axial Racing SCX24. With a little Christmas spirit, we had a great time unboxing this new rig. I think we were all surprised by it, and I know Jeremy has been having a blast with it during the review as he’s constantly posting pics of him with his feat up crawling on his [...]



The smaller scale seems to be gaining popularity lately and with companies like Axial, RC4WD and Carisma having several available to choose from, it’s helping these little giants gain traction. I will tell you this, when I saw the smaller scale starting to make its way into a world dominated by 1:10 I was not interested one bit. To me [...]


Losi Mini-T 2.0

BSRC Top 3- Small Scale RC Picks For The Holidays

This year, several members of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew are writing up top 3 lists for the holidays. As Brian walked around the office, he came to me to write up the “Top 3 Small Scaled RC Vehicles For Under Your Christmas Tree”. Small scaled rc vehicles, those 1/14th scale and smaller, are great for indoor driving, and are known [...]


FTX Outback Mini 2.0 Paso RTR

FTX 1/24 Outback Mini 2.0 Paso RTR

New from FTX RC is the 1/24th scaled Outback Mini 2.0 Paso RTR. The Mini Outback 2.0 comes with a classic SUV styled body, as well as molded scale accessories. Here are the highlights- * Waterproof electronics * LED ready * Light buckets in front grill * Molded snorkel and side mirrors * Molded roof rack * 104:1 final drive ratio * 600mAh LiPo * Aggressive tires on [...]