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RC4WD R5 24th Scale Mini Cast Transmission

RC4WD R5 1/24 Mini Cast Transmission

Need a small transmission for a custom build? Already worn out the transmission in your 1/18 Gelande II RTR? If so, RC4WD recently announced the R5 1/24th Scale Mini Cast Transmission. The Mini R5 was designed to handle the rigors of off-road driving while maintaining a scale type appearance. * Single speed * Uses a gear ratio of 1:15 * Utilizes a Zinc [...]


Carisma 1/24 Truggy

New 1/24 Truggy And Monster Truck From Carisma

Now shipping from the good folks over at Carisma are the 1/24th scaled GT24TR Truggy and GT24T Monster Truck. Both trucks are high performance small scalers designed for maximum fun. What are some of their features? * 8,000kV brushless motor * High performance rubber tires * 2.4GHz CTX8000 transmitter * 500mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo with USB charger * Full bearing set * Gear diffs * Slipper clutch * [...]


Exotek 24th Scale Micro-Tek Conversion

Exotek Micro-Tek Conversion Chassis For Losi 1/24 Scalers

There is no doubt that Losi has sold a ton of 1/24th scale vehicles. To make yours tricker than next guy’s, take a look at the new Micro-Tek Conversion from Exotek. The Micro-Tek Conversion brings more of an 8th scale buggy layout to your Losi 24th scaler. The conversion includes an aluminum chassis that is available in either red or [...]


ECX 24th Temper Crawler RTR

ECX 1/24th Temper Rock Crawler

Ever want to set up a crawling course on your kitchen table and invite the crew over for some driving? Well now you can with the tiny 1/24th Scale ECX Temper. With a length of just 6.5″ the 1/24th Temper is so small that you can set up a rock crawling course virtually anywhere. Everything you need to get driving [...]


Carisma GT24R Rally Car

Carisma GT24R 1/24 4WD Micro Rally Car

After a bit of teasing the Carisma GT24R Rally Car is now for sale. Designed with durability, speed, and most importantly, fun in mind, the GT24R should be great fun to bash with this winter. Some of the key specifications and features on the rally include- * 8,000kV brushless system * Rubber tires * Friction type shocks * Comes with 1S 500mAh 3.7V LiPo [...]


VS Tanks 1/24 Review

VS Tanks 1/24 King Tiger Porsche & Japanese Type 10 Review

There are many different segments to the rc hobby. Some people love flying planes, others love rock crawlers, while others scratch their rc itch by driving boats. RC Tanks have long been a favorite among rc hobbyists, and while the genre isn’t a large one, it is still quite active and can be a great way to experience something new [...]


VS Tank Unboxing

Unboxing - VS Tanks 1/24 Scale Japanese Type 10 & King Tiger…

Hey look, our very first tank unboxing! Yes, rc tanks can be pretty dern cool to bash with. We recently received the latest from VS Tanks and took a bunch of pictures while pulling them out of their packaging. One tank is a German King Tiger Porsche in Desert Camo, while the other unit is a Japanese Type 10 (both [...]


Carisma GT24R Micro Rally

Teaser – Carisma 1/24th GT24R Micro Rally Car

Hot on the heals of the release of their GT24B buggy, Carisma is now teasing the GT24R Micro Rally Car. Like the buggy, the Rally Car comes with a 1S LiPo battery, powerful brushless motor, and 2.4GHz radio system. Keeping things real, the GT24B is adorned with a scale looking Rally style body while underneath is a 4wd drivetrain to [...]


Carisma GT24B Buggy

Now Available – Carisma GT24B 1/24 4WD Buggy

First announced several months ago, the Carisma GT24B is now shipping, just in time for indoor season. The GT24B is a 1/24th scale 4wd buggy that comes stock with an 8000kV brushless motor and comes completely RTR. A 2.4GHz radio comes standard, as does a 1S 500mAh LiPo with charger. * Wheelbase- 119mm * Width- 107mm * Length- 180mm * Full bearing set * Friction [...]


VS Tanks 24th Scale

2 New VS Tanks Coming Soon

New from VS Tanks are a pair of high detailed machines ready for infrared armored combat. First up is a Japanese Type 10 that is brand new to the VS Tanks line-up. The Type 10 has a part number of #VSKC3032. The other new tank is a King Tiger Porsche with Desert Camo. Its part number is #VSKC3026. Both tanks feature- * 2.4GHz [...]


ECX RC Horizon 1/24th Ruckus Torment

New 1/24th ECX Torment and Ruckus 4WDs

New from ECX RC are 1/24th scaled versions of their 4wd Ruckus MT and Torment SCT. They come with an ultra-affordable price point and are completely RTR, coming with everything needed to get running right in the box. Some of their other highlights include- * Oil shocks * 220mAh NiMH battery with USB charger * 2.4GHz radio system * Brushed micro motor * Shaft driven [...]


Driven Pro Drift Tires

Driven Pro Losi 1/24 Micro Drift Tire Review

Driven Productions made a name for themselves in the mini/micro community by offering affordable and innovative hop-ups. That was the reason we were stoked to get a set of their 1/24th Losi Micro Drift Tires and test them to see how they stacked up. Are they easy to install? Do they instantly turn your 24th scale Losi into a genuine [...]


TheToyz Brass Pinions for Losi Micro

TheToyz Brass Pinion Sets for Losi Micro SCT/Rally/DT

Having recently reviewed the latest Losi Micro Vehicles (which should go up any day now), we were reminded how much fun they are to bash indoors when the weather is terrible outside. One of the cheapest/easiest/best mods you can make to any vehicle is to change the gearing. You can “gear down” for longer runtimes, or you can “gear up” [...]


Carisma GT24B

Carisma 1/24th GT24B Buggy

As you can see in the picture above, our European correspondent Igor is having a great time at the Nuremburg Toy Fair. One of his latest discoveries is the new 1/24th scale GT24B from our friends at Carisma. The GT24B should be big news for small scale fans as it comes standard with 4wd and a LiPo battery. A 2.4GHz [...]


Losi Micro Rally X Unboxing

Got our hands on the Losi Micro Rally X and thought we should bring you some unboxing photos before the testing phase begins. We try to do that in case we ended up with a lot more pieces over the testing process. A couple of things to point out, the new charger to help elimnate long charge times in their [...]