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Team Associated CR28 Scale Off Road RTR

Team Associated Drops A Pair of New 28th Scalers

Over at Team Associated they have announced the CR28 RTR Trail Truck, as well as they TR28 RTR Truggy. Both of these tiny 1/28th scalers come with everything you need to run right inside the box for maximum fun. Check out the highlights- * Nothing more to buy, everything comes in the box * 2.4GHz radio gear * Proportional steering servo * Realistic off-road [...]


FTX Hooligan JNR RTR

FTX RC Hooligan JNR 1/28 RTR Rally Car

New from FTX RC is the 1/28th scaled Hooligan JNR RTR Rally Car. Perfect for indoor driving, the Hooligan JNR makes it easy to get into the hobby of rc. * Four different colors to chose from * 2.4GHz radio * Steering gyro * Comes with everything needed to drive inside the box * Independent front suspension * High traction rubber tires * Wheelbase- 87.5mm * Width- 86mm [...]


Kyosho MINI-Z FWD Honda Civic Type R

Kyosho MINI-Z FWD Honda Civic Type R Readyset

As winter comes rolling across North America, many hobbyists go indoors. Some people build indoor off-road courses, while many run on-road. One of the leaders in small scale on-road cars is Kyosho. The Kyosho Mini-Z line-up is not only incredibly scale realistic with display worthy bodies, but they are also fast and fun to drive. Recently Kyosho announced a new Mini-Z [...]


Team Associated Fox SC28

Team Associated SC28 RTR Fox Factory Truck

New from Team Associated is the SC28 Fox Factory Truck. The latest version of the SC28 comes with cool Fox livery and it comes with everything needed to get going right in the box. Take a look at some of its highlights- * Fully licensed by Fox * Proportional steering servo * 2.4GHz radio gear * Integrated battery * Transmitter used to charge truck * Everything [...]


Team Associated Jammin Jay Halsey RC28 RTR Buggy

Team Associated Jammin’ Jay Halsey Replica RC28 RTR

Just announced by Team Associated is a Jammin’ Jay Halsey Replica of their RC28 RTR Buggy. The small RC28 platform can be driven nearly anywhere, which is especially nice during the cold winter months. The latest version of the RC28 comes with special Jammin’ Jay Halsey livery, the same paint scheme he used to win the first ever IFMAR 1/10 [...]


ECX RC Micro Ruckus Micro Boost 1/28 RTR

ECX Unleashes The 1/28 Micro Ruckus MT & Micro Roost Buggy!

Coming to a Horizon Hobby dealer near you this fall is the ECX Micro Ruckus Monster Truck as well as the Micro Roost Buggy. Both units come on a lightweight 1/28th chassis that charges off the included 2.4GHz transmitter. Also, both are small enough to be driven just about anywhere, perfect for bashing indoors this winter in your man-cave with [...]


Team Associated MT28 RTR Monster Truck

Team Associated MT28 RTR Monster Truck

Coming in May from Team Associated is the MT28 RTR Monster Truck. The 1/28th scaled MT28 packs big fun into a small package. A 2.4GHz transmitter comes standard, while the large rubber tires (for the scale) help the MT28 climb over tough obstacles. * Integrated battery charger * Under 1 hour charge time * Everything needed to drive comes in the box * [...]


Team Associated RC28 Buggy

Team Associated RC28 RTR Buggy

Expected to start shipping early in 2018 is the Team Associated RC28 RTR Buggy. The ultra-tiny 1/28th scale RC28 can be run just about anywhere, from table top to man cave. Here are some of its features- * 1/28th scale original RC10 replica body * Everything needed to run comes inside the box * Proportional servo * Integrated receiver/ESC unit The RC28 has a part [...]


Team Associted RC28T

Team Associated RC28T

Shipping right now from Team Associated is the RC28T. The RC28T is an entry level, micro sized stadium truck that is light on the wallet but should be big fun to drive. Modeled after the legendary RC10T, the RC28T comes with everything you need to drive inside the box. * Designed for FUN above all else * 2.4GHz radio system * Proportional servo * [...]


Team Associated MT28 Monster Truck

A Pair Of New Micro Sized Trucks From Associated

Just announced by Team Associated is the MT28 Monster Truck and the Fox Edition SC28 short course truck. Both are smartly priced at just $49 and are expected to start shipping later this month. Both trucks are micro sized so they can be driven just about anywhere. With a wheelbase of just 3.9″, your man-cave can now become a full [...]


Team Associated SC28 RTR

Team Associated SC28 1/28 RTR

Team Associated has just gone Really small scale with the new SC28 short course truck. The SC28 is a tiny 1/28th in scale and comes completely built and ready to run with everything needed to drive in the box. A Carl Renezeder/Lucas Oil replica body sits on top while a basic 2wd chassis sits underneath. * 2.4GHz radio with built in [...]


Killerbody Warrior 1:28 Scale 4WD – First Look

We have actually seen the 1/28th scale Warrior from Killerbody a few times over the last few months at various events, but only now were we actually able to borrow one of the prototypes for a few weeks and give it a good run. Before we always had to be ‘careful’ with it. This time around we were hitting other [...]


Warrior Minis

If you’ve been thinking about getting into mini and micro scale cars, be sure to check out the new Warrior line of cars. These little guys are fully RTR with a 2.4 GHz radio system, separate ESC with reverse, full time 4wd, a full set of ball bearings, and a ball differential. A LiFe battery and charger is [...]


Kyosho Mini-Z AWD MA-010 SP Limited Chassis Kit

Well, today must be a day that ends in Y because Kyosho has announced another Mini-Z.  Their new MA-010 AWD SP Limited kit is another limited edition (only 2000 will be made before the molds are thrown into a violently erupting volcano and lost forever!) Mini-Z.  This one is in kit form and requires the separate purchase of the receiver/esc [...]


Kyosho MR-03N JSCC Limited Edition Mini-Z

Kyosho has a high-end addition to the Mini-Z line.  The new MR-03N JSCC Edition is a limited run chassis with all kinds of option parts included as standard.  A few of the options include a full ball bearing set, ball differential set, rear oil filled shock set, and carbon fiber friction shock set.  The chassis is also compatible with the [...]