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ARRMA 8S OUTCAST EXtreme Bash Roller Stunt Truck

ARRMA 1/5 OUTCAST EXtreme Bash Roller Stunt Truck

Coming soon from ARRMA is the 1/5 Outcast EXtreme Bash Roller Stunt Truck. The Outcast 8S EXB comes completely pre-assembled awaiting your electronics and was designed for extreme backyard bashing. Check out these highlights- * EXB 7075 T6 5mm CNC machined aluminum laser-etched chassis * EXB matte and gloss effect body * Oil-filled adjustable 20mm bore shocks with 6mm thick shock shafts * New [...]


Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 BND Spektrum 6200A Receiver

Losi 1/5 5IVE-T 2.0 BND Gets New Spektrum 6200A Receiver

New over at Losi is the freshly updated 1/5 5IVE-T 2.0 BND. The Bind-And-Drive version of Losi’s 5IVE-T 2.0 gets a new Spektrum 6200A receiver, thus making it easier to use their Smart Technology package. Here are more highlights- * Spektrum 6200A DSMR 6-Ch AVC surface receiver * Zenoah G320 32cc engine * Improved bar style steering rack * Updated center differential orientation for [...]


MCD Racing RC 5th Scale Hydrax Working Disc Brakes

MCD Racing 1/5 Hydrax Working Disc Brakes Now Available

The folks at MCD Racing are now shipping their incredibly trick 1/5 Hydrax Working Disc Brakes. The Hydrax working disc brakes were designed for use on MCD 1/5th scalers and feature incredible scale looks, along with serious stopping power. Check out these highlights- * Fully functional hydraulic disc brake system * Tested on all types of race conditions- on and off-road * Vented [...]


Castle Creations Mamba XLX2

Castle Creations Mamba XLX2 1/5th Sensored & Waterproof ESC

Coming soon from Castle Creations is the Mamba XLX2 1/5th Sensored & Waterproof Brushless ESC. The XLX2 was designed to handle incredibly high levels of output, while also giving you extremely smooth throttle control. Check out the highlights- * Features a combination of hardware & software advancements * 8S LiPo maximum cell count * CRYO-DRIVE technology * Rugged CNC machined aluminum case * Premium forged [...]


MCD Racing RC 5th Scale DUOX

Teaser – MCD Racing 1/5 DUOX

Being teased by MCD Racing is the mighty DUOX 1/5th scaled on-road car. The DUOX features a new differential design, as well as improved suspension geometry. The crew at MCD have been developing the DUOX for a long time now, thus ensuring that it will be one of the best large scalers to ever hit the market. The DUOX is [...]


MST 5th Scale GPX RC Motorcycle

Teaser – MST 1/5 GPX Motorcycle

Over at Max Speed Technologies they are now teasing a 1/5th scaled GPX RC Motorcycle. RC motorcycles don’t get a lot of press now days, but can be some of the most rewarding vehicles to master, as well as some of the most fun to race with. The crew at MST have come up with the new GPX that is [...]


ARRMA 5th Scale Outcast 8S BLX RTR Stunt Truck

ARRMA 1/5 Outcast 8S BLX RTR Stunt Truck

New from ARRMA is the 1/5 scaled Outcast 8S BLX RTR Stunt Truck. The large scale version of the mighty Outcast comes with a SMART 8S capable ESC and a powerful BLX brushless motor. Check out these highlights- * Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz radio with SRS6110AT AVC receiver * Spektrum Firma 160A Smart ESC * Wheelie bar * Extra-rigid, laser-etched anodized aluminum chassis * Multi-structure chassis [...]


Kyosho RC Surfer4 Video

Video – 1/5 Kyosho RC Surfer4

The 1/5th scaled Kyosho RC Surfer4 is in stores now for all you hobbyists to enjoy. To give you a better of idea of how well the RC Surfer4 performs and what it can do, Kyosho has posted the video below. From watching the video, the RC Surfer4 looks extremely scale when surfing and can even pull off some cool [...]


Spektrum S9110BL 1/5 Large Scale RC Servo

New 1/5 Servos From Spektrum

New from Spektrum is a pair of 1/5 Digital, Brushless, Metal Gear, Servos. The new servos were designed to withstand the rigors of 1/5 bashing, while also providing excellent performance. Spektrum S9110BL * 15 tooth output spline * Input Voltage- 6.0 – 8.4 volts DC * Speed- 0.14 sec/60 deg @ 8.4V * Torque- 1224.3 oz-in (88.16 kg-cm) @ 8.4V * Price- $224 Spektrum S9120BL * 15 tooth [...]


MCD Racing FT-R 1/5 RC

MCD Racing Announces New Factory Team Racing 1/5 Models

The crew at MCD Racing have announced new Factory Team Racing models for their legendary 1/5th scale line-up. Soon you will be able to buy a number of different MCD 1/5th scalers in their new FT-R form. The FT-R package sits above their Pro package and just under their Ultimate. MCD Racing New FT-R Models RR5-MAX FT-R W5-MAX FT-R XR5-MAX FT-R XS5-MAX FT-R To get full [...]


STL Large Scale RC 2020 No-Prep 5th Scale Drag Race Event

STL Large Scale RC – 2020 No-Prep 1/5 Drag Race Event

The crew over at STL Large Scale RC have announced their 2020 No-Prep 1/5 Drag Race Event. This event is designed for all you 1/5 gas Baja racers, but also allows for a variety of other vehicles to race as well. If you are part of a drag race club that runs 1/5th gas, this is the kind of event [...]


Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 Conquers The Mint 400

Video – Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 Conquers The Mint 400

New from Losi is a 5IVE-T 2.0 Conquers The Mint 400 Video. That’s right, the guys from Losi took a 5IVE-T 2.0 to the Mint 400 and were able to put in a complete 125 mile lap around the course. In fact, the Losi 5IVE-T 2.0 earned a finishers metal for making an entire loop. Driving 125 miles through insane [...]


Castle 1/5 2028 Extreme 800kV Sensored Brushless Motor

Castle 1/5 2028 Extreme 800kV Sensored Brushless Motor

The Kansas crew from Castle Creations has announced a new 2028 Extreme 800kV Sensored Brushless Motor. This extreme version of the 2028 now comes fully sensored, plus it sports an improved 4-pole, 12-slot design. Here are the highlights- * 2028 Extreme can easily run in the 10 horsepower range * Works in 2wd vehicles up to 30 lbs, 4wd up to 25 [...]


Big Squid RC Top 3 Large Scale Under the Tree

So everyone is taking the vehicle genera they normally work with and trying to come up with a top 3 vehicles you want to find under your tree this year. Since I’m a large scale fan, the task of coming up with what three large scale vehicles you want to find under your tree was up to me. Let me [...]


FBX Racing RC 5th Scale LMP Sport Body

Teaser – FBX Racing 1/5 LMP Sport Body

Being teased right now by FBX Racing is a 1/5th scale LMP Sport Body. There aren’t a ton of bodies on the market for 1/5th scale, so we like to post them when we hear about them. Below you can see the first CAD image of the LMP Sport, which is very nicely scaled and detailed. The body was designed [...]