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Pro-Line Racing Axis Body for Mugen, Associated and TLR Bugg…

Over at Pro-Line Racing they have released a new clear Axis body for a few 1/8th scale buggies. If you have a Team Associated RC8B3.2 Nitro or Electric, a TLR 8ight-X, or Mugen MBX8 & MBX8 Eco (with LCG Battery) they have you covered. Pro-Line Axis Body for Mugen MBX8 & MBX8 Eco. Pro-Line Axis Body for the Team Associated RC8B3.2 [...]


Bittydesign VISION Series Body Kyosho MP10E

Bittydesign VISION Series Body for the Kyosho MP10E

New from the crew at Bittydesign is a Vision Series Clear Body for the Kyosho MP10E race buggy. With performance enhancing attributes, as well as sleek styling, the Vision clear body for the MP10E is ready to put you on the top step of the podium. * Made from from genuine Lexan * Pre-cut for your convenience * 1mm thick for durability * Comes [...]


Bittydesign Vision Clear Body Agama A319 Buggy

Bittydesign Vision Series Clear Body for the Agama A319 Bugg…

New from Bittydesign is a Vision Series Clear Body for the 1/8 Agama A319 race buggy. The Agama A319 is a popular nitro race buggy over in Europe. Soon A319 drivers will be able to mount up a Vision series body to improve performance, as well as a cool new look. * Made from genuine Lexan * Pre-cut by laser for a [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX M2 Pre-Mounts

Pro-Line Badlands MX M2 Pre-Mounts For 1/8 Buggy

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you are Badlands MX M2 1/8 Buggy Pre-Mounts from Pro-Line. Badlands are arguably the best tires on the planet for off-road bashing, now you can get them conveniently pre-mounted on tough Mach 10 wheels. Here are the highlights- * Incredible traction on soft surfaces * Tires molded in P-L’s M2 rubber compound * Professionally pre-glued to [...]


Pro-Line Mach 10 Wheel Video

Video – Pro-Line Mach 10 1/8 Buggy Wheels

New from Pro-Line is an Action Video for their Mach 10 1/8 buggy wheels. The Mach 10s are prefect for hardcore bashing and feature a 10 spoke design, a distinctly different look from a typical dish style wheel. Watch below to see the Mach 10s fly across the rugged desert floor, plus P-L’s Gerardo Gonzalez commentates to give you all [...]


Pro-Line Mach 10 Black Wheels

Pro-Line Mach 10 Black Wheels For 1/8 Buggy

Over at Pro-Line they have just announced new Mach 10 Wheels for 1/8 buggy. The Mach 10 sports an aggressive look and was designed to withstand the rigors of hardcore bashing. * Same size as P-L’s Velocity wheels * Standard 17mm wheel hex * One piece design * Made from heavy duty DuPont nylon * Works with all of Pro-Line’s 1/8 buggy tires * True finish The [...]


JConcepts Speed Things 1/8 Buggy Belted Tires

Teaser - JConcepts Belted 1/8 Buggy Speed Fang Pre-Mounted T…

Over on Ryan Maifield’s YouTube channel he is building a speed-run 1/8 electric buggy. Ryan is a factory driver for Mugen and is known for his off-road racing skills. During his speed-run build, Ryan is teasing new Belted Speed-Run Tires from JConcepts. The new belted tires, dubbed “Speed Fangs”, will come pre-mounted on special 3-piece JConcepts wheels. Until we learn more, [...]


SWORKZ S35-4 Nitro Buggy

New SWORKz 1/8 Race Buggies

The folks over at SWORKz have dropped a pair of new 1/8th scaled race buggies. Their first is the nitro powered S35-4, with the second being the electric powered S35-4E. Check out these highlights- * All new, wide, hard anodized 7075 aluminum chassis * Lower shock towers * Easy change motor mount on “E” version * Shorter shock bodies * Fixed shock spring holders * New [...]


Team Associated RC8B3.2 Team Kit

Team Associated RC8B3.2 Nitro & RC8B3.2e 1/8 Race Buggies

The folks over at Team Associated take their racing very seriously. How seriously? Well, they have won an IFMAR world championship a staggering 30 times! To keep that championships count climbing, the Team Associated crew has announced the nitro powered RC8B3.2 and the electric powered RC8B3.2e. Both buggies were designed from the ground up for maximum performance, check out these [...]


AKA 1/8 Scribble Buggy Tires

AKA Scribble 1/8 Buggy Tires

New from AKA is the 1/8 version of their Scribble race tires. The new 1/8 Scribble was designed for hardcore buggy racing, here are the highlights- * Superior wear characteristics * Bar style design * New carcass design * Tread design promotes even wear * Perfect for indoor tracks * Also works well on low dust outdoor tracks * Initial release in Clay compound You can hit up [...]


JConcepts F2I 8th Scale Buggy Truck Wing

JConcepts F2I 1/8 Buggy Or Truck Rear Wing

Just announced by JConcepts is the F2I 1/8 Buggy/Truck Wing. The F2I is IFMAR legal and was designed to enhance handling, while also looking cool. Check out these highlights- * Industry first built-in gurney * Recessed IFMAR legal side-dams * Molded grid on bottom for easy mounting * Flat base, split deck design * 5 center dividers * Made from a durable plastic * Light-weight design * Available [...]


Tekno RC Red Anodized Captured Wheel Nuts

Tekno RC Red Anodized Captured Wheel Nuts

The crew over at Tekno RC have announced new Red Anodized Captured Wheel Nuts. What’s so special about these? Well, they are a captured designed to help keep dirt out of your axle threads, thus making wheel removal easier. These fully serrated wheel nuts were designed by Tekno for hardcore use and were torture tested by their 1/8 factory driver [...]


JConcepts P1 EIGHT-X Elite Body

JConcepts P1 8IGHT-X Elite Body

New from JConcepts is a P1 Series Clear Body for the TLR 8IGHT-X Elite nitro buggy. The P1 bodies from JConcepts were designed for maximum performance while racing. Check out the highlights- * Original JC body design * Shark fin on cock-pit for stability * Low side pod layout * Rear winglets for increased downforce * Comes with window masks and decal sheet The JConcepts P1 [...]


Tekno RC EB48 2.0 8th 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

Tekno RC EB48 2.0 1/8th 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

Tekno RC has long been known for making some of the toughest, and fastest, race buggies on the market. The crew at Tekno recently announced their EB48 2.0 4WD Electric Buggy Race Kit. Version 2.0 of the E48 is expected to start shipping later this month, here are the highlights- * 7075 aluminum shock towers, pivot blocks, caster blocks, and motor [...]


Kyosho Inferno MP10 Spec A Roller

Teaser – Kyosho Inferno MP10 Spec A Roller

Being teased now by Kyosho is the Inferno MP10 Spec A Roller. The MP10 is Kyosho’s latest 1/8 nitro buggy platform and soon you will be able to pick one up in roller form. While the kit version is fun to build, the roller is great for saving time before hitting the track. Kyosho uses experienced builders to put the [...]