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WRC Racing RC 8th SBXE.3 Electric Buggy Kit

WRC Racing 1/8 SBXE.3 Electric Buggy Kit

New from WRC is the 1/8th scaled SBXE.3 Electric Buggy Kit. This innovative race machine has received a slew of updates for both durability and speed. Check out these highlights- * New chassis design * New composite receiver & servo support * Optimized weight distribution * New adjustable battery holders * Updated big bore shocks Use this link to get more details on the WRC Racing [...]


AKA RC 8th Lux Off-Road Buggy Tires

AKA Announces 1/8 Lux Off-Road Buggy Tires

The crew at AKA has announced 1/8 Lux Off-Road Buggy Tires. The Lux race tires are a hybrid design using both integrated bars and pin-style treads to give your race buggy maximum grip. Here are the highlights- * Engineered to provide unparalleled traction on a variety of surfaces * Unique hybrid tread design * Aggressive bite of pin-style treads with consistency of bar-style [...]


JConcepts Reflex Stalkers Tires A1 Long-Wear

JConcepts Announces Reflex & Stalkers in A1 Medium Long-Wear…

Over at JConcepts they have announced that their Reflex & Stalker Race Tires will soon be available in their A1 Medium Long-Wear Compound. For all you hardcore 1/8th scale racers out there, having a long lasting tire for those long nitro mains is imperative. The JC Reflex and Stalkers in A1 compound are perfect for those long A-mains. JConcepts Reflex Aqua [...]


SWORKz 8th Off-Road Pro Race Wing

SWORKz 1/8 Off-Road Pro Race Wing

New from SWORKz is a cool looking 1/8 Off-Road Pro Race Wing. The crew at SWORKz has improved the aerodynamics of their 1/8 wing for increased performance. Check out these highlights- * Available in black, white, or fluorescent yellow * Engineered for use on high grip surfaces * Designed to help improve straight line speeds * Fits most 1/8 buggies and truggies * Larger side [...]


Jetko Power RC J-Zero 8th Buggy Race Tires

Jetko Power Announces J-Zero 1/8 Buggy Race Tires

New from Jetko Power are J-Zero 1/8 Buggy Race Tires. The new J-Zeros were designed to give you more traction on low grip tracks. Here are more highlights- * Extremely flexible tread by creating numerous deformation zones * Sidewalls were redesigned to achieve controlled flex * Sculpted sidewall with wide side blocks * Perfect for use on wet tracks or dry tracks with low [...]


Jetko Power Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button

Jetko Power Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button

Over at Jetko Power they are now showing off their Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button. The new wing button covers a large surface area, thus providing additional support to the rear wing. Made from 2.5mm thick aluminum, this wide coverage wing mount button can help extend wing life, while helping to bulletproof an area that takes a lot of [...]


JConcepts RC Nessi Swagger 8th Buggy Tires

JConcepts Releases Nessi and Swagger 1/8th Buggy Tires

Coming soon from JConcepts are Nessi and Swagger 1/8th Buggy Tires. The Nessis and Swaggers were both designed for carpet and astro turf racing domination. Check out these highlights- Nessi – 1/8th Buggy Tires * High quality JConcepts fit, finish and design * 3D blended, medium-height pin-size for quick reaction * Semi-circle protrusions for side-bite * Light-weight carcass * Includes open cell foam inserts Swagger – 1/8th [...]


JConcepts Relapse 8th Buggy Truck Tires

JConcepts Relapse 1/8th Buggy and Truck Tires

Jason and his crew over at JConcepts have dropped some new Relapse 1/8th Buggy and Truck Tires. The Relapse is a new design optimized for both indoor and outdoor tracks with a focus on improved forward bite. Here are more highlights- * JConcepts original tread design * Available in multiple compounds * Strategically placed and nested tread * Medium sized, dense tread for long [...]


AKA RC Diamante 8th Buggy Tires

AKA Announces Diamante 1/8 Buggy Tires

Over at AKA they have announced new Diamante 1/8 Off-Road Buggy Tires. The Diamantes were engineered for use on hard-packed, dusty, blown-out tracks and are available in three different rubber compounds. Here are the highlights- * Tire carcass optimized for bumpy track conditions * Micro-pins at outer edges reduce edginess in the bumps * AKA’s most dense tread pattern to ensure maximum runtime * [...]


JConcepts RC Razor 8th Buggy Truck Wing

JConcepts Announces New Razor 1/8th Buggy/Truck Wing

New from JConcepts is the high performance Razor 1/8th Wing for buggies and truggies. Designed for maximum performance, the new Razor wing is available in four different colors to help match the color of your race machine. Here are more highlights- * JConcepts single vertical side-dam creation * Angled leading edge, radiused corners for less resistance * Dropped center section for lower center [...]


LUGZ RC 8th Buggy Tires

LUGZ RC Announces Three New 1/8th Buggy Tires

Over at LUGZ RC they have announced Three New 1/8th Race Buggy Tires. All three sets were designed for serious grip on off-road dirt tracks. The three new tread patterns are the SLIDE’Z, the PROTO’Z (X), and the TQ’S (X). Here are more highlights- * New X Carcass design is used on all three new tires * Extra stiff sidewall supports are [...]


JConcepts Gray F2I 8th Buggy Truck Rear Wing

JConcepts Gray F2I 1/8th Buggy/Truck Rear Wing

Coming soon from the good folks over at JConcepts is a Gray F2I 1/8th Buggy Rear Wing. With the “I” meaning IFMAR competition legal, the new F2I rear wing represents the latest in 8th scale rear wing technology. Check out these highlights- * IFMAR legal side-dams * Flat base with 5 individual dividers to straight-line stability * Built-in gurney flap * Made by precision [...]


Powerhobby 8th Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires

Powerhobby 1/8 Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires

Now shipping from Powerhobby are 1/8 Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires. Featuring PH’s Armor tread pattern and heavy duty belts to reduce tire expansion at speed, the new pre-mounts are ready to go really fast on dirt or pavement. Here are the highlights- * Pre-mounted for your convenience * Closed cell foam inserts * Belted to reduce tire ballooning * ATV inspired tread design * [...]


Pro-Line RC 8th Axis Buggy Truggy Wing

Pro-Line 1/8 Axis Wing

New from the crew at Pro-Line is the 1/8 Axis Wing. Designed to fit 1/8th scaled buggies and truggies, the Axis wing packs serious performance. Here are the highlights- * Performance, style, and durability * Increased forward traction, high-speed stability, and jumping consistency * Add-on wicker-bill for increased adjustment range * Pre-marked dimples make installation easy * IFMAR-spec endplates provide ideal side bite in loose [...]


WRC Racing 8th SBX-2 Nitro Buggy Kit

WRC Racing 1/8 SBX-2 Nitro Buggy Kit

Coming soon from WRC Racing is the 1/8th scaled SBX-2 Nitro Buggy Kit. Made from high-end materials, and tuned for speed, the SBX-2 is ready to put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- * New easy access composite diff bulkhead block set * Chassis now tuned for increased flex * New adjustable rear wing * New center differential [...]