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Powerhobby RC 10th 8th Metal Car Stand

Powerhobby Metal Car Stand for 1/10 & 1/8 Vehicles

Now shipping from Powerhobby is a durable Metal Car Stand. This heavy duty unit is made from a high quality aluminum and was designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles ranging from 1/10th scale, up to 1/8th scale. With holes designed to hold your shocks during a rebuild, and foam inserts to keep your rig from sliding around, the [...]


SWORKz RC 8th Zeus II Pro Brushless Monster Truck Kit

SWORKz 1/8 Zeus II Pro Electric Monster Truck Kit

New from SWORKz is the 1/8th scaled Zeus II Pro Electric Monster Truck Kit. This beast of a monster truck is made from high-end materials and was designed for hardcore use. Here are the highlights- * More balanced and improved design over the original * Hard coated 7075 aluminum chassis * 7075 aluminum shock towers * Pro kit 16mm BBS racing shocks * Oil filled [...]


JConcepts RC Razor 8th Buggy Truck Wing

JConcepts Announces New Razor 1/8th Buggy/Truck Wing

New from JConcepts is the high performance Razor 1/8th Wing for buggies and truggies. Designed for maximum performance, the new Razor wing is available in four different colors to help match the color of your race machine. Here are more highlights- * JConcepts single vertical side-dam creation * Angled leading edge, radiused corners for less resistance * Dropped center section for lower center [...]


Serpent RC 2023 8th SRX8 GT Nitro Kit

Serpent Announces 2023 1/8 SRX8 GT Nitro Kit

New from Serpent is the high-end 2023 1/8 SRX8 GT Nitro 4WD On-Road Kit. The SRX8 is famous worldwide for its speed, now it has been improved to be even faster, lighter, as well as more reliable. Check out these highlights- * New hybrid-aluminum bulkheads * New radio box & lightweight rear body mount * New adjustable caster blocks * New shock bodies, pistons, [...]


Maverick RC QuantumRX Rally Car

Maverick RC 1/8 QuantumRX Rally Car

Coming soon from Maverick RC is the 1/8 QuantumRX RTR Rally Car. The QuantumRX comes loaded with big brushless power and a nicely scaled rally style body. Check out these highlights- * Long travel shocks * High ground clearance suspension setup * Tredz Stage belted gravel tires with rally style wheels * Heavy duty 4wd drivetrain * Raised front bumper * Large rear diffuser * 4S Flux [...]


Cross RC 8th Rhino Emo X Scale Rock Crawler Kit

Teaser – Cross RC 1/8 Rhino Emo X Scale Rock Crawler

Here we go folks, Cross RC has just dropped another huge new release! Now being teased by Cross is the 1/8th scaled Emo X scale rock crawler. The Emo X has some insane levels of scale realism, plus features like remote locking portal style axles, LED lighting, hidden body clips, and two speed gearbox. The new Emo X will be [...]


Pro-Line 8th 2021 Ford Bronco Clear Body

Pro-Line 1/8 2021 Ford Bronco Clear Body

Coming to a hobby shop near you soon is the Pro-Line 1/8 2021 Ford Bronco Clear Body. With a highly scale realistic look, and fully licensed by Ford, the new Bronco body is a great choice for your 1/8 monster truck. Here are the highlights- * Unmistakable retro-modern styling * Fully licensed by Ford * Transforms your monster truck into a Modern Scale [...]


Sparko Racing RC Nitro 1/8th Buggy

New Car Company – Sparko Racing!

Here we go folks, a new car company is ready to jump into the market in 2023. Now being teased by Sparko Racing is a Nitro 1/8th Competition Buggy. Right now things are still in the early stages, but from talking with the people from Sparko Racing, they are totally pumped on putting out some pretty revolutionary products for 2023, [...]


Team Associated Rival MT8 RTR Teal

Team Associated Rival MT8 RTR Gets New Teal Color

Shipping later this month from Team Associated is the Rival MT8 Monster Truck with new Teal Body Scheme. The Rival MT8 is a beast with a 6S capable brushless system and massive suspension system. Here are more highlights- * Built-to-last 1:8 scale monster truck * Reedy high-performance 2100kV brushless motor * 4mm aluminum main chassis with rigid aluminum center chassis supports * Four-position wheelie [...]


Team Associated RC 8th RC8T4e Team Kit

Team Associated 1/8 RC8T4e Team Kit

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you in November is the Team Associated 1/8 RC8T4e Team Kit. Designed for high level electric 1/8 truck racing, the RC8T4e is ready to help you crush your competition. Here are the highlights- * New chassis layout with four different battery configurations * Centrally mounted center differential with in-line center driveshafts * New 8 degree steering [...]


Team Associated 8th RC8T4 Team Nitro Kit

Team Associated 1/8 RC8T4 Team Nitro Kit

Just announced by Team Associated is the 1/8th scaled RC8T4 Team Nitro Kit. This pure bred race machine has all the latest and greatest in nitro race technology. Here is the rundown- * New front-end geometry with 8 degree steering blocks * New wider upper suspension arm pivot for improved steering balance * New front and rear gearbox design for better drivetrain efficiency * [...]


Sweep Racing 8th Land Crusher Belted Monster Truck Tires

Sweep Racing 1/8 Land Crusher Belted Tires

Coming soon from Sweep Racing are 1/8 Land Crusher Belted Tires. The Land Crushers were made for high speed bashing, no matter if you are running on pavement, or dirt. With strong internal belting to eliminate tire expansion at speed, and nicely spaced lugs for more traction on dirt, the Land Crushers are ready for speed runs, or a day [...]


Capo Racing RC 8th Ares Skyline GTR R34 Kit

Just Wow! Capo Racing Teases 1/8 Ares Skyline GTR R34

While we are used to Capo Racing blowing our doors away with insane ultra-scale releases, their upcoming 1/8 Ares Skyline GTR R34 takes scale realism to yet another new level. From a fully scale steering system, to insanely scale shocks, to it’s insanely over-the-top magnesium alloy body, the new Capo GTR is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in rc before. [...]


Bittydesign 8th Divina Clear On-Road ARRMA Body

Bittydesign 1/8 Divina Clear On-Road Body

New and hot from Bittydesign is the 1/8 Divina Clear On-Road Body. The Divina is sized to fit vehicles like the ARRMA 1/8 Vendetta & Infraction 4WD MEGA, as well as other 1/8th on-road machines. Check out these highlights- * Made from genuine 1mm thick Lexan polycarbonate * Rear wing hardware is included * Wheelbase – 335mm * Width – 256mm * Protective overspray film * [...]


ARRMA 8th TLR Tuned Typhon 6S BLX Buggy RTR

ARRMA 1/8 TLR Tuned Typhon 6S BLX Buggy RTR

Just announced over at ARRMA is a new RTR Version of their extremely popular 1/8 TLR Tuned Typhon 6S BLX Buggy. The new Typhon comes fully assembled and factory-equipped for bashing or racing. Here are the highlights- * Laser-etched TLR tuned parts * Factory-installed Spektrum electronics * Standout ARRMA body with exclusive paint scheme using Race Spec colors * Race compound dBoots EXABYTE tires * [...]