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ARRMA 8th Scale Kraton EXtreme Bash Roller

ARRMA 1/8 Kraton EXtreme Bash Roller Speed Monster Truck

New from ARRMA is the 1/8 Kraton EXtreme Bash Roller Speed Monster Truck. The “EXB” (EXtreme Bash) edition of the Kraton comes as a roller to save you cash on electronics that you may not need, plus it comes with a number of upgrades to make it even tougher than before. Check out these highlights- * EXB-hardened components throughout * Comes fully [...]


Reds Racing GEN3 V8 8th Scale Brushless Motors

New Reds Racing GEN3 V8 1/8 Brushless Motors

Reds Racing has announced new GEN3 V8 1/8 Brushless Motors. The GEN2 V8 race motors will be available in either 2350 or 2800 kV and were developed alongside team drivers to guarantee the highest in performance. * 2350 kV has been designed for truggy and pan car * 2800 kV was designed for 1/8 on-road * Exceptional power with superior smoothness * High efficiency [...]


Serpent SRX8GT TQ Nitro 8th Scale Kit

Serpent SRX8GT TQ Nitro 1/8 On-Road Kit

New from Serpent is the SRX8GT TQ nitro 1/8 on-road kit. The TQ edition of the SRX8GT is loaded with upgrades and is more than ready to put you on the top step of the podium. Check out these features- * Aluminium uprights with carbon brackets * All new adjustable GT clutch set * New large volume HTD diffs * Aluminum bulkheads * Adjustable diff [...]


Maclan Racing MMax 8R Brushless ESC

Maclan Racing MMax 8R 1/8 Competition ESC

Recently announced by Maclan Racing is the MMax 8R 1/8 Competition ESC. The 8R version of the MMax comes with Maclan’s new Hurricane aluminum fan with carbon fan guard for increased durability. The aluminum fan case not only looks trick, but can also help pull more heat away from the ESC. The Maclan Racing MMax 8R is expected to start shipping [...]


Team Corally Shogun Truggy Video

Video – Team Corally SHOGUN 6S 1/8 Scale 4WD Truggy

Over at Team Corally they have uploaded a new video starring their 1/8 Shogun RTR Truggy. The video below was shot inside a studio to show off just how cool the Shogun looks. Sporting a 6S brushless system and large 16mm aluminum shocks, the Shogun is more than ready for hardcore bashing action. After the video, you can click this link [...]


Serpent RC 989 40th Anniversary Kit

Serpent Viper 989 40th Anniversary Edition Kit

Over at Serpent they have announced the 40th Anniversary Viper 989 1/8 On-Road Car Kit. This version of the 989 is very special to the folks at Serpent as it represents quite a milestone for them. The 40th Anniversary Viper 989 comes with all the parts that their factory team used at the last IFMAR world championships, thus making it [...]


Kyosho Inferno MP10e RC Buggy Video

Action Video – Kyosho Inferno MP10e

Coming in June from Kyosho is the Inferno MP10e 1/8 electric buggy kit. The MP10e represents the very latest in design technology for the 1/8 electric buggy class. Check out some of the MP10e’s features- * New chassis layout * Hard anodized aluminum chassis * Aluminum big bore shocks * Adjustable aluminum motor mount * Dual battery boxes * Easy to service receiver box and ESC [...]


2021 XRay GTXE

2021 XRay GTXE 1/8 On-Road Kit

Over at XRay they have just announced the 2021 version of their GTXE 1/8 electric on-road kit. For 2021 the GTXE has received numerous updates to increase speed and durability on the track. Check out the updates- * Chassis now reinforced for added stability * 3mm longer shock shafts * C-hub style front suspension * New front shock tower * +2mm wheel hubs for increased [...]


Castle Creations 1717 Sensored Brushless Motors

Castle Creations Re-Release 1717 Series Brushless Motors

The friendly guys and gals over at Castle Creations have announced the re-release of their burly 1717 Series Brushless Motors. The new 1717s have been updated and will now be sensored to give you an even greater sense of control. The Castle 1717 motors are legendary for incredible power in the most extreme of installs, soon you will be able [...]


2021 XRay GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

2021 XRay GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Kit

Highly revised for 2021 is the XRay GTX8 1/8 nitro on-road kit. The GTX8 is a gnarly nitro burner that is designed to crush track records. Take a look at these highlights- * Newly reinforced chassis * New c-hub suspension * New front shock tower * Increased steering, more predictable overall handling * Longer shock shafts * New fuel tank with transient jet You can use this [...]


HB Racing E819RS Buggy Kit

Teaser – HB Racing 1/8 E819RS Buggy Kit

The folks over at HB Racing are now teasing the E819RS 1/8th buggy kit. The RS version of the E819 comes with a slew of upgrades to improve lap times, as well as durability. * Version 3 rear shock tower * Delrin steering block bushings * 2° steering block set * Single piece sway bar links * Heavy duty center chassis brace * Screw type shock [...]


Mugen Seiki Racing Limited Edition MBX8T Factory Built Nitro Truggy Kit

Mugen Seiki Racing Limited Edition MBX8T Factory Built Nitro…

New from Mugen Seiki Racing is a very cool Limited Edition MBX8T Factory Built Nitro Truggy. Why is the new Mugen so awesome? Because factory drivers Adam Drake and Ryan Maifield personally built a handful of these bad boys using all of their recommend upgrades. With the latest truggy from Mugen you can own not only one of the best [...]


2021 XRay RX8 Nitro 8th Scale On-Road Kit

2021 XRay RX8 Nitro 1/8 On-Road Kit

Just announced by XRay is the 2021 edition of their RX8 Nitro On-Road Kit. The RX8 has been a winner since it was first introduced, for 2021 it receives a number of new upgrades. Here are some of the updates- * Stealth black design * Lightened bulkheads * New chassis layout for increased traction * New radio plate * New drive belts * More durable front [...]


Serpent SRX8-T Nitro Truggy Kit

Serpent SRX8-T 1/8 Nitro Truggy Kit

For all you nitro loving maniacs out there, Serpent has announced the SRX8-T. The SRX8 Truggy comes in kit form and features all the latest in design technology. Here are the highlights- * All new chassis and side pods * Exclusive fixed engine gear mesh * High volume, large internal gear diffs * 3.5mm shock shafts * Machined Delrin 6 hole shock pistons * All new, [...]


Carson Modelsport 8th Land Rover Defender Scale Rock Crawler

Carson Modelsport 1/8 Land Rover Defender Scale Rock Crawler

For our European readers, the folks at Carson Modelsport have announced an affordable new 1/8th scaled Land Rover Defender Scale Rock Crawler. Carson has been a huge name over in Europe for many years, now they have become the next company to jump into the 1/8 rock crawler segment. Here are the highlights- * Impact resistant body * Lockable wheel axles * Full [...]