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PROTOform RC Venturi GT Clear Body

PROTOform 1/10 Venturi GT Clear Body

New from PROTOform is the 1/10 Venturi GT Clear Body. Designed for high performance USGT class racing, the 190mm Venturi has a sleek styling and serious attitude. Here are the highlights- * Combines scale looks with all-out performance on the track * Features a low-CG, cab-forward design * Super low-slung hood and raised wheel arches * Deeply sculpted side panels for superior side bite [...]


Mon-Tech Racing ZERO 2 Touring Car Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/10 ZERO 2 Touring Car Clear Body

New from Mon-Tech Racing is the 1/10th scaled ZERO 2 Touring Car Clear Body. An evolution of Mon-Tech’s original ZERO body, the ZERO 2 has been updated to improve stability, as well as to provide more traction out of corners. The ZERO 2 will be available in both standard, and lightweight versions. Wing mounting hardware comes standard, as does an [...]


Carisma RC Subaru BRZ GT300 Pre-Painted Body Set

Carisma 1/10 Subaru BRZ GT300 Pre-Painted Body Set

Coming soon from Carisma is a 1/10 Subaru BRZ GT300 Pre-Painted Body Set. The new BRZ pre-painted body set features an incredibly scale realistic polycarbonate Subaru body that has been fully pre-painted, and pre-stickered, just for you. Painted by hand, and delivered with all the Hi-Def sponsor decals pre-applied, makes this body a super fast way of giving your 1/10 [...]


Bittydesign CA45 FWD Clear Body

Bittydesign CA45 Clear Body for 1/10 190mm FWD Cars

New from Bittydesign is the CA45 Clear Body for 190mm wide on-road cars. Styled for front wheel drive cars, the CA45 was designed for performance, while also having serious drip. Here are the highlights- * Body can be mounted on most 1/10 190mm on-road cars * Made from genuine Lexan * Includes wing mounting hardware * Produced only in a lightweight version * Pre-cut decal [...]


Zero Tribe Exotek Racing J-Zero GT Touring Car Body 2

Zero Tribe Announces Exotek Racing J-Zero GT Clear Body

Just announced by Zero Tribe is the Exotek Racing J-Zero GT Touring Car Body. This sleek on-road body was designed for serious performance and is sized to fit 1/10 on-road cars. Check out these highlights- * USGT racing legal * Aggressive splitter and powerful fenders * Low bonnet with downforce-generating side skirts * Sports car like cockpit * Two trim lines to pick from * Two [...]


Bittydesign Eptron RC 10th 190mm Touring Car Clear Body

Bittydesign Eptron 1/10 190mm Touring Car Clear Body

New from Bittydesign is the sleek Eptron 190mm Touring Car Body. Featuring an all new design for high-end touring car performance, the Eptron is more than ready to win at any level of competition. Check out these highlights- * Designed for all-out racing performance * EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR, BRCA and FEMCA legal * Made with high quality Lexan polycarbonate * Includes rear wing mounting [...]


Bittydesign Teaser Touring Car Body

Bittydesigns Teases New 1/10 Touring Car Body

Now being teased by Bittydesign is their next high performance 1/10 Touring Car Body. The Bittydesign crew has released a bunch of trick bodies in 2022 and their upcoming touring car body will put a nice cap on the year. With Bittydesign being well known for their stylish looks and high-end performance, we can’t wait to learn more about their [...]


Carisma Subaru BRZ GT300 HI-DEF Clear Body & Decal Pack

Carisma Racing 1/10th Subaru BRZ GT300 2021 HI-DEF Clear Bod…

Coming soon is the Carisma Racing 1/10th Subaru BRZ GT300 2021 HI-DEF Clear Body & Decal Pack. With impeccable scaling and a massive decal pack, this is one hot looking BRZ. Here are some highlights- * Aerodynamically accurate * Highly detailed plastic molded detail parts * Molded Parts Include- High downforce wings, side mirrors and front canards * ‘HI-DEF’ vacuum formed body made from [...]


Bittydesign RC 10th AR8-GT3 190mm Clear Body

Bittydesign 1/10 AR8-GT3 190mm Clear On-Road Body

New from Bittydesign is the 1/10th scaled AR8-GT3 190mm Clear On-Road Body. With a hot super car look, and designed for excellent performance, the AR8-GT3 is a great choice for your next touring or drift car build. Check out these highlights- * Premium quality, molded from genuine Lexan * Fits 1/10 touring and drift cars – 190mm width, 257-260mm wheelbase * Includes wing [...]


PROTOform P63 Clear Body

PROTOform P63 Clear Body for 190mm Touring Cars

Coming soon from PROTOform is the P63 Clear Body for 190mm Touring Cars. This high-end race body was designed for maximum performance, check out the highlights below. * Radical high-downforce design with a sloped hood and cab-forward layout * Stiffening hood ribs for low deflection * Recessed trunk section for low CG and extra stiffness * Sculpted side door panels for increased side-bite * High [...]


ZooRacing Wolverine MAX Touring Car Clear Body

ZooRacing Wolverine MAX 1/10 Touring Car Clear Body

New over at ZooRacing is the Wolverine MAX 1/10 Touring Car Clear Body. The Wolverine MAX has been substantially modified from the previous version to improve handling and to make the body more dynamic. Here are the highlights- * Improved aerodynamic efficiency * Overall length has been shortened for less inertia & better rotation * Steeper hood and front area to improve steering * [...]


ZooRacing Anti Touring Car Clear Body

ZooRacing “Anti” Touring Car Clear Body

New and hot from ZooRacing is the Anti clear touring car body. The Anti was designed for extreme touring car performance with its LCG design. Here are more highlights- * Designed for increased downforce and a more planted rear end * CAD designed * Designed for more realism along with less aerodynamic drag * Sculptured hood and grille details * Updated Wolverine-style roof section for [...]


Bittydesign Ahura Clear USGT Body

Bittydesign 1/10 Ahura Clear USGT Body

New from Bittydesign is the 1/10 Ahura Clear USGT Body. This strikingly scale supercar body was designed for serious performance while USGT racing. Here are the highlights- * Fusion of elegance, style and racing soul * Designed to fit 1/10 190mm pan style cars with a 257-260mm wheelbase * Sold clear with protective film outside * Wing complies with USGT regulations * Made from genuine [...]


Mon-Tech Racing Zero TC Clear Body

Mon-Tech Racing 1/10 Zero TC Clear Body

New over at Mon-Tech Racing is the Zero TC Clear Body. The Zero touring car body was tested for months to give you maximum performance out on the track. Check out these highlights- * Allows for extreme ease of driving * Gives your TC excellent traction out of corners * Good body for fast direction changes * Available in standard (80 grams) or [...]


Bittydesign RC FWD Hiberya Clear Body

Bittydesign Hiberya Clear Body for FWD Cars

After some teasing, the crew at Bittydesign has officially announced the Hiberya clear body for 1/10 FWD cars. The Hiberya uses the latest in design technology to give you stunning looks, with terrific on-track performance. Check out these highlights- * Made from genuine Lexan * Fits 1/10th scaled on-road cars * 190mm width and 257-260mm wheelbase * Includes rear wing hardware * Made only in [...]