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JConcepts Bar Flys

JConcepts Bar Flys

JConcepts has announced new tires for the indoor racing crowd, Bar Flys. The Bar Flys are based on the original Bar Code tires, but have shorter tread and more surface area. To provide plenty of grip each tire is covered with loads of slotted bars and pressure point pins, and they will be available in 1/10th buggy rear and both [...]


JConcepts Rippits Whippits

New Rippits and Whippets from JConcepts

JConcepts has announced a pair of new tires designed to give you more traction on high-bite surfaces. First off are 1/10th front tires called Rippets. These will be available in four different compounds and were designed with vertical bars to give plenty of steering. The Rippets have a 2.4″ bead and come with closed cell inserts. The second new tire is the [...]


DE Racing SpeedLine Plus Wheels

DE Racing SpeedLine PLUS 2.4″ 1/10 Wheels

The latest entry into the 2.4″ wheel market comes from DE Racing. The new SpeedLine PLUS 2.4″ wheels from DE Racing are available to fit a wide variety of popular race vehicles and feature their Sure Lock foam retention system. The new wheels were also designed to be ultra-light and come with a glue channel for a clean install. The wheels [...]


Pro-Line Prime Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Prime Slick Buggy Tires

The new Prime slick tires from Pro-Line Racing can be good for the track or for bashing. At high-bite tracks they can save the time it takes to prepare/grind down a normal set of tires, while for bashing they can give you great traction with very little wear when driving on pavement or other hard surfaces. The Primes come with [...]


JConcepts Smoothies

JConcepts Smoothies 2.4″ Off-Road Slick Tires

Ever spend hours grinding all the ribs/knobbies off a set of tires with a Dremel tool? At certain tracks that is the “hot set-up” for maximum traction. The crew over at JConcepts has now taken all the mess and wasted time out of the equation by announcing their new Smoothie tires. Smoothies are designed to fit 1/10th scale buggies running [...]


Pro-Line Velocity VTR 2.4 2WD 4wd Hex Front Wheels

Pro-Line Velocity VTR 2.4″ 2WD & 4wd Hex Front Wheels

To run the new high-zoot 2.4″ tires from Pro-Line you are going to need the appropriate wheels. No worries mate, as Pro-Line has announced VTR 2.4″ Front Wheels for an array of tenth scale race machines. The VTR wheels are larger in diameter and come with the 8th scale buggy style bead needed to run the latest generation of race [...]


Pro-Line VTR 2.4 Wheels

Pro-Line VTR 2.4″ Wheels & Tires

The latest in uber performance wheels/tires for 1/10 scale buggies is the VTR 2.4″ line-up from Pro-Line. The VTR 2.4s have a larger diameter wheel giving the tire a shorter sidewall for better traction. The 8th scale type bead gives more surface area to glue to, resulting in less tires coming loose from the bead. Now available in the VTR 2.4 [...]