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Exotek Racing MK3 Turbine Slipper

Exotek Racing MK3 Turbine Slipper for AE DR10 & TLR 22

New from Exotek Racing is a MK3 Turbine Slipper w/ 3 Pads for the Associated DR10, as well as the TLR 22. The turbine design helps to keep the slipper pads cool while you go for 132 foot glory. Here are the highlights- * Allows for quicker slipper cool downs between runs * Provides added consistency * Increases air flow over the slipper [...]


Exotek RC Eliminator Heavy Duty Bumper Set TLR 22

Exotek Eliminator Heavy Duty Bumper Set for the TLR 22

Just announced by Exotek Racing is an Eliminator Heavy Duty Bumper Set for the TLR 22 buggy. Many hobbyists have been choosing the TLR 22 to convert for no-prep drag racing. When doing the conversion, you’ll need several parts, one of which being a high quality front bumper set-up. The Eliminator Heavy Duty Front Bumper was designed to be lightweight, [...]


JConcepts P2 TLR 22 5.0 Elite Clear Body

JConcepts P2 Body for the TLR 22 5.0 Elite

Coming soon from JConcepts is a P2 Series Clear Body for the TLR 22 5.0 Elite race buggy. Based off of JC’s 2019 P2 IFMAR world championship winning body, the P2 for the 5.0 Elite represents the very latest in racing technology. Here are the features- * Original Punisher 2 styling * Tall rear fin stabilizer * Comes with window masks & decal [...]


Exotek Vader Drag Race Chassis Conversion Kit

Exotek 22 Vader Drag Race Chassis Conversion Kit

New from Exotek Racing is the 22 Vader Drag Race Chassis Conversion Kit for the TLR 22 buggy. That’s right, the Exotek kit can take your race bred TLR 22 buggy and turn it into a hardcore drag machine. Check out these features- * Lightweight, no-prep drag race chassis kit * Fits TLR 22 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 * Perfect for Street Eliminator/Slash [...]


Exotek Titanium CVA Axles TLR 22 Drag Race

Drag Racing Only – Exotek Titanium CVA Axles for the TLR 22

New from the Exotek Racing crew are Titanium CVA Axles for the TLR 22 1/10 race buggy. These axles were specifically designed for maximum speed and are recommended only for drag racing. Here are the highlights- * Over 40% lighter than stock units * Weight- 3.7 grams each * Made from genuine titanium * Fits most TLR 22 buggies * Reduces rotating mass for quicker [...]


TLR 22 5.0 DC Elite Race Buggy Kit

TLR 22 5.0 DC Elite 2WD Race Buggy Kit

As indoor racing season inches closer every day, TLR has announced the new 22 5.0 DC Elite 2wd race buggy kit. The DC Elite comes with a slew of high-end upgrades to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are some of the highlights- * Professional grade, team-level kit in one box * Optimized for dirt and clay [...]


TLR 22 DC 5.0 2wd Buggy

TLR Announces 3 New 22 5.0 Buggies

Just announced by TLR are 3 New 22 5.0 1/10th Off-Road Buggies. The new 5 series features numerous improvements for both durability and performance. All three of the buggies are slated to start shipping early next year with street pricing of $319. The first new buggy is the TLR 22 DC 5.0. The DC (#TLR03016) version of the 22 was designed [...]


TLR Losi 22 5.0 Buggy

TLR Teases New 22 5.0 Race Buggy

With the indoor race season now in full-swing, TLR is teasing a new 22 5.0 race buggy. The 5.0 version of the 22 race buggy received numerous updates to keep you on the top step of the podium. Here are some of the highlights- * New 12mm G3 series competition shocks * Super heavy duty slipper clutch * Revised steering geometry with new [...]


TLR 2wd Gear Diff, Aluminum Gear

TLR Aluminum 2wd Gear Diff

Just announced by TLR is a Complete 2wd Gear Diff With Aluminum Gears. The diff set fits all the 2wd 22 series vehicles, buggies and trucks. The gears are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and its lightweight design can help give your TLR increased acceleration. The low maintenance gear diff is fully compatible with 3 gear, 4 gear, and laydown transmission [...]


MIP TLR 22 Super Diff

MIP Super Diff Bi-Metal Kit For The TLR 22 Series

Gain an advantage over your foes by picking up the new MIP Super Diff Bi-Metal Kit for your TLR 22 series vehicle. The Super Diff not only shaves weight/rotating mass for quicker acceleration, but was also designed to survive the rigors of week-in, week-out racing. The kit comes with two piece bi-metal diff components, tungsten carbide diff balls, and hard [...]


MIP Bi-Metal TLR 22 Diff

MIP Bi-Metal Super Diff For The TLR 22 Series

Shave precious rotating mass while beefing up the drive-line on your TLR 22 series vehicle with a Bi-Metal Super Diff from the folks at MIP. The MIP Super Diff is said to be 30% lighter than the stock diff and comes with uber parts like Tungsten carbide diff balls and hard polished drive rings. The Super Diff is retail priced [...]


TLR 22 3.0 MM 2WD Buggy

TLR 22 3.0 MM 2WD Buggy

Hot, new, and ready for indoor season, is the TLR 22 3.0 MM 1/10 2wd buggy. Technology advances at a rapid pace in the 2wd buggy class so the 3.0 comes with upgrades like a wider chassis, a new motor location, and revised suspension. The 3.0 version also comes with the option parts needed to build an uber-level machine right [...]


Exotek TLR 22 Front Shock Tower

Exotek TLR 22 2.0 5MM Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower

Indoor racing season is officially here in the Midwest, a time when many hobbyists grab their 2wd race buggies and head inside to get their rc fix. However, many indoor tracks are tight, technical, and generally rough on cars. If you are a TLR 22 driver looking to beef up your buggy for indoor use, the new Carbon Fiber Front Shock [...]


TLR Bell Crank Steering

New Bell Crank Steering System for the TLR 22 Series

TLR has announced a new bellcrank steering system for their 22 series of vehicles. The new system replaces the original rail style set-up and is made to make steering less aggressive off center while helping low speed steering. The kit reduces Ackermann while also making it adjustable, and comes with ball bearings to make the stroke buttery smooth. Everything you [...]


Team Losi Racing Universal Driveshafts 22 buggy

Team Losi Racing Universal Joint Driveshaft Set for 22/2.0

The crew over at Team Losi Racing have announced a new Universal Joint Driveshaft Set for their 22 and 22 2.0 buggy. Universal driveshafts create less “bone binding” which allows for a freer rear suspension. The universal driveshafts can improve side bite and bump handling. The part number is #TLR232006, they have a street price of $35 and you can get [...]