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Duratrax RC 8th Warthog 3.8 MT Pre-Mounted Tires

Duratrax 1/8 Warthog 3.8″ MT Pre-Mounted Tires

New from Duratrax are 1/8 Warthog 3.8″ MT Pre-Mounted Tires. These beefy monster truck tires were designed to give your rig massive traction and come pre-mounted on removable hex wheels. Here are more highlights- * Fits – Monster trucks with 17mm wheel hex * Lightweight and durable design * Pre-mounted for maximum convenience * Tires made in USA * 17mm wheel hexes are included with [...]


Pro-Line 8th Menace HP Belted 3.8 MT Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line 1/8 Menace HP Belted 3.8″ MT Pre-Mounted Tires

Coming soon from the good folks at Pro-Line are 1/8 Menace HP Belted 3.8″ MT Pre-Mounted Tires. Belted to eliminate tire expansion at high speeds, the new Menace pre-mounts are the perfect upgrade for speed running your 1/8 monster truck. Here are the highlights- * Belted to handle extreme power and high speeds * No tire ballooning * Low-profile tire carcass, deep grooves, [...]


Pro-Line Dumont 3.8 Paddle Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Dumont 3.8″ Paddle Tires Mounted

For all you 1/8 monster truck drivers out there, Pro-Line has just announced Pre-Mounted Dumont 3.8″ Paddle Tires. The Dumont was designed to fit trucks like the 1/8 ARRMA Kraton, Traxxas E-Revo, Traxxas Summit, Tekno MT410, and the Traxxas Maxx. Here are the highlights- * All-new from the ground up design * Great for sand and snow * Latest in paddle tire technology * [...]


Pro-Line Trencher LP 3.8 All Terrain Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Trencher LP 3.8″ All Terrain Tires Mounted

Recently announced by Pro-Line are Trencher LP 3.8″ All Terrain Mounted Tires. The low profile version of P-L’s 3.8″ Trenchers are a perfect fit for the Traxxas Maxx, as well as other monster trucks with a 17mm wheel hex. Here are more highlights- * Aggressive Trencher tire tread * Tires molded in P-L’s soft M2 rubber compound * Low profile sidewall for improved [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX38 HP 3.8 Belted Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ Belted Tires Mounted

A whole lot of people have been waiting for this one, and now it is here. Pro-Line has just dropped fully belted Pro-Line Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ Pre-Mounts. The previous version of the 3.8″ Badlands took over the monster truck world, the new belted versions take performance to an entirely new level. Here are the highlights- * Herringbone weave pattern belt * [...]


Pro-Line Street Fighter HP 3.8 BELTED Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Street Fighter HP 3.8″ Belted Tires Mounted

Are you ready for some high speed bashing? The crew at Pro-Line have just announced Street Fighter HP 3.8″ Belted Tires Mounted. The fully belted Street Fighter HPs do not expand at speed, thus making your truck easier to drive when making speed runs. Here are the highlights- * High-performance herringbone weave pattern belt * Tires do not balloon or expand at [...]


Pro-Line 3.8 Sling Shot Pre-Mounted

Four New 3.8″ Mounted Tires From Pro-Line

For all you bashing aficionados out there, Pro-Line has just announced Four New Pre-Mounted Tires Sets. Pre-mounted tires save you time, plus you will know from the start that your tires have been glued by the professionals at Pro-Line. Badlands MX38 3.8″ Tires Mounted #10127-10 Road Rage 3.8″ Street Tires Mounted #1177-10 Sling Shot 3.8″ Sand Tires Mounted #1179-10 Trencher X 3.8″ Tires Mounted [...]


Pro-Line Trencher HP Belted 3.8 Video

Video – Pro-Line Trencher HP 3.8″ BELTED Tires

Guess who just announced fully Belted 3.8″ Trencher HP monster truck tires? Yes, that would be Pro-Line and they have just posted a new promotional video to get your blood pumping for the weekend! Watch below to see just how extreme you can get with their incredible 3.8″ Trencher HP pre-mounts. Available pre-mounted on high-tech Raid removable hex wheels, the [...]


Pro-Line Badlands 3.8 Pre-Mount Raid Wheels

Pro-Line Badlands 3.8″ Pre-Mounted On Black Raid Wheels

New for the monster truck scene are Pro-Line Badlands 3.8″ Tires pre-mounted on Raid Removable Hex Wheels. This is Pro-Line’s latest pre-mount combo for large monster trucks and features the Badlands’ ultra aggressive motocross tire tread. Here are the highlights- * Large knobbies for insane grip in dirt & grass * Pre-mounted to save you time * Made right here in the USA * [...]


Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 3.8 Tires

Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 3.8″ Pre-Mounted Tires

Everyone has heard about Pro-Line’s new Belted Trencher HP off-road tires. Now the P-L crew has announced that the Trencher HP will be available in a 3.8″ size for larger monster trucks. The Trencher HP has a high-tech herringbone pattern belt inside the carcass that eliminates tire expansion at high speeds. Here are more features and details- * Legendary Trencher traction [...]


Pro Line MX38 pre-mounts

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Badlands MX38 3.8″ Tires

Cubby hates a lot of different things, in fact we would go so far to say that he simply hates everything. That especially includes gluing tires. That’s why when the PR come across the desk of the new Pre-Mounted Pro-Line Badlands MX38s that Cubby got a big smile on his face. The pre-mounted Badlands MX38s have a motocross inspired tread pattern [...]


Vanquish KMC 3.8

Vanquish Has KMC 3.8″ Rockstar XD811 Wheels

Looking for a really trick set of wheels for your Traxxas 3.8 truck? Check out the new officially licensed KMC 3.8″ Rockstar XD811 wheels that are over on the Vanquish site. The KMC’s have 17mm hexes making them an easy bolt on for trucks like the Traxxas Revo/Maxx, Axial Yeti XL, and Thunder Tiger MT4 G3. * Made from [...]


Pro-Line Mounted Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8 Tires

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8″ Tires

Pro-Line Interco Super Swamper tires are a great combination of traction and scale looks. Today the P-L crew has announced they will have Pre-Mounted sets of their 3.8″ sized tires available for your bashing pleasure. The pre-mounting makes them amazingly easy to put on your truck, and once installed, you can look forward to high levels of side-bite and forward [...]


Video Pro-Line Super Swamper

Video - Pro-Line Interco Super Swamper 3.8" Monster Truck Ti…

Everybody likes a good bash video and you can look below to see the Pro-Line crew getting in some trigger time with their new 3.8″ Interco Super Swamper Tires. The Super Swampers can bring a cool scale look to your monster truck while giving it exception side bite and more forward traction. They are priced at $34 and you can [...]


Pro-Line Blockade Pre-Mounts

New Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires from Pro-Line

Putting high performance tires on your truck can be one of the single best “bang-for-the-buck” upgrades you can do. To make it easier for you, Pro-Line has announced new pre-mounts that take just seconds to mount up. Pro-Line now has their 2.8″ Interco Super Swampers pre-mounted with a part number of #10110-14 and a street price of $36 per pair. These [...]