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3 Brothers RC G13 PRO

3BrothersRC Unveils its G13 PRO Direct-Power Servo

The crew at 3 Brothers RC has released details on a new, high-powered servo that’s sure to turn heads (and wheels). The G13 PRO Direct-Power Servo packs performance and style into a budget-friendly package that should be great for just about any type of surface R/C machine. A sibling to the 3BRC G13, this amped-up PRO model features a brushless motor [...]


3BrothersRC Anti-Foam SCX6 Tire Inserts

3BrothersRC SCX6 Anti-Foam Tire Inserts

R/C trail rigs and crawlers are designed to tackle the elements. No matter the terrain or climate, these rugged machines can handle just about anything you can throw at them. With its larger size, the Axial SCX6 can handle a great deal more than your standard-sized crawler, meaning your outdoor adventures can get rather extreme. If your SCX6 tends to gravitate [...]


3BrothersRC Yellowjacket 14-pole Brushless Outrunner

3BrothersRC Yellowjacket 14-pole Brushless Outrunner For Roc…

Now available for all you rock crawling fanatics out there is the Yellowjacket 14-pole Brushless Outrunner from 3BrothersRC. The Yellowjacket uses a high pole count, along with an outrunner design, to give you maximum torque and precision. Outrunners are well known for their precision and torque, now the crew at 3BrothersRC makes it easy to get one for your trail [...]