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TechOne No Gravity Airplane

Video – TechOne No Gravity Airplane

New for the 3D flying market is the TechOne No Gravity. It sports an affordable price point of $129 and was designed to make cool tricks easy. Above you’ll find a video that Hobbico has posted to help promote the TechOne. It shows the airplane in action pulling off cool stunt after cool stunt. Enjoy the video above and you [...]


New experiences await with the Leap 3D Quadcopter

Trailing my build of the Invertix400, our friends at HRP have announced the details on the soon-to-ship Leap 3D Quadcopter. This quad is an almost ready to fly (ARF) and features an auto stabilization for all quad orientations (since it can sustain inverted flight), as well as a bail-out feature for beginner 3D pilots. Other features include:*Powerful 3D fixed pitch quad-copter utilizing bi-directional brushless motors. *Bail-out, [...]


Unboxing: EncoreRC Invertix400 by Bobby Watts

A while back I posted the first details of the EncoreRC Invertix400 full-3D capable quadcopter developed by Bobby Watts. The following weeks my email blew up from readers looking for more, or hoping we’d get to fly one and show off video. After talking with Mr. Watts for a few weeks, he got us our own Invertix to build and test! The review is [...]


Inverted Flight Quadcopter?! Genius!!

Recently released for pre-order via EncoreRC, helicopter pilot and designer Bobby Watts has created a new breed of quadcopter, one that does full inverted flight that is not collective pitch (where blade pitch determines throttle’s direction of thrust. This is not a new concept, but this is the first ever production unit of a quadcopter of this kind. The genius behind the Invertix 400 is that [...]