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New 3DRobotics Quadcopter Coming

It must be Aerial April, because the team over at 3DRobotics just modified their homepage with the date April 13, 2015 and a video teasing some baboons flying a new quadcopter. A few screenshots are below, but this is a definite upgrade from their current IRIS+ quadcopter. This month just keeps getting better and better! For all 3DRobotics news, trust BigSquidRC! See previous news Right Here.


Raging Rotors: Surely You Can’t Be Serious!

…Of course I’m serious, and don’ t call me Shirley! Indeed Airplane! is a great movie, but why bring it up, you ask? As both pilots became ill, it was up to Otto Pilot to take control of the plane and fly towards their destination. In the world of multirotors, fully autonomous design is an ideal goal: Amazon wants to deliver local packages, [...]