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Happy April Fools’ Day!

Hey everybody, Happy April Fool’s Day! Apparently not everyone celebrates this day the way we do, because man did we get the emails! We have been doing a April Fools’ day day for many years now, and every year we get a few people off guard, but this year was special. Maybe because we have just grown so much [...]


Axial branching out from crawlers?

Apparently Axial is having a little trouble corking the leak in their company.  First their Wraith rock racer was leaked a month and a half before it’s scheduled announcement and now this image of what appears to be an Axial designed drifter just showed up in our inbox from a “spy” in the company.  The spy couldn’t provide any info [...]


Losi Sub-Micro 1/256 SC Truck

It looks like Losi has decided to take things one step further smaller with their new Sub-Micro 1/256 scale SC Truck! It’s based on a super scaled version of the Mini-T. It will be 2WD, RTR with a brushless motor, 2.4ghz radio and 6 mah lipo!! You know I bet it’s going to be hard to find a Futaba [...]


New Company Gil-Gil-Ja Names Inc. With Famous Faces!

Wow, it really looks like these big three are now unstoppable! Adding another notch to their belt, Gil Losi Jr., Mike Gillette, and Jason Corl have started another company! This time they are getting into the naming business! Their new company Gil-Gil-Ja Names Inc. will be providing their talents to not only the RC community, but any and all [...]


Pro-Line’s New Cab No Where Design

Based on the huge success of Pro-Lines BullDog Cab-Forward designs, they have just announced the new HoundDog Cab No Where Design! If you thought your vehicle was aerodynamic before, wait till you try these new bodies out! Available for nitro and electric on 1/8th, 1/10th, 1/16th and 1/18th scales! I think there are a few people that would of [...]


Hi Torque Publications, Inc. buys Big Squid

Click to embiggen. Hi Torque Publications, Inc. is happy to announce it’s recent acquisition of Big Squid and all subsidiary domains, trademarks, and content. Hi Torque’s president & CEO had this to say about the buyout “We at Hi Torque are very happy to be bringing on board such a recognizable entity, we look forward to continuing to develop the Big [...]