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Team Corally Spark XB6 6S RTR Roller

Team Corally 1/8 Spark XB6 6S RTR & Roller

Here ya go hardcore bashers, Team Corally has officially announced the 1/8 Spark XB6 6S RTR. Designed specifically for bashing, the Spark has huge power, as well as big attitude. Check out these highlights- * Powerhouse that combines cutting-edge technology & rugged construction * Red anodized, precision CNC-manufactured aluminum parts * X-Treme ultra-rigid hybrid chassis brace system * Oversized composite suspension arms * Oversized steering [...]


Team Corally RC 8th Kagama XP 6S Monster Truck

Team Corally 1/8 Kagama XP 6S Monster Truck

All the teasing is now over, Team Corally has released full details on their 1/8 Kagama XP 6S Monster Truck. The Kagama sports all the latest in bash technology and will be available in RTR form, or as a roller. Here are the highlights- * The ultimate 1/8 scale monster truck * Redesigned chassis with ultra-durable hybrid braces * Available in three different [...]


Redcat RC 6th Machete 4WD Monster Truck

Redcat 1/6 Machete 4WD Monster Truck RTR (4S and 6S)

Just announced by Redcat is the 1/6 Machete 4WD Monster Truck. The large scale Machete is available in either 4S or 6S form and comes in to replace the outgoing Shredder. Here are the highlights- * 6S version includes a stronger 7075 aluminum chassis & different color body * 6S also includes 6S capable ESC and motor & larger motor heat sink * [...]


Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S RTR Large Scale Buggy

Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S RTR Large Scale Buggy

New from the good folks at Team Corally is the large scale Asuga XLR 6S RTR Buggy. The Asuga is 15% larger than a normal 1/8th scaled buggy and has been designed for big performance, as well as big durability. Here are the highlights- * Razor-sharp handling, amazing acceleration, and unsurpassed durability * Increased ground clearance and massive suspension travel * Completely new [...]


Spektrum Smart G2 Powerstage Surface Bundle

A Trio Of New Smart G2 Powerstage Surface Bundles from Spekt…

New from Spektrum are a trio of Smart G2 Powerstage Bundles for surface vehicles. The new units include a Spektrum battery charger, plus either 8S, 6S, or 4S worth of high performance LiPo batteries. Here are the highlights- * One-box solution for vehicles needing batteries and a charger * Simple and safe to use * Includes Spektrum S2200 Smart G2 Dual Port AC [...]


8 KRATON 6S V5 4WD BLX Speed Monster Truck

ARRMA Announces Updated 2020 6S BLX Line-Up

New over at ARRMA is the announcement of a new 2020 6S BLX line-up. The line-up included the V5 units for the almighty 1/8th scaled Kraton, Outcast, & Typhon, as well as updating to ARRMA’s 1/7th scaled Mojave. Here are the updates- * Designed fast and designed tough * New stronger chassis design – Kraton/Notorious/Typhon * New heavy duty a-arms – Kraton/Notorious/Typhon * New [...]


Amped RC Kevlar Battery Straps ARRMA 6S Trucks

Amped RC Kevlar Battery Straps For ARRMA 6S V3/V4 Trucks

Available right now from Australian company Amped RC are Kevlar Battery Straps for 6S ARRMA vehicles. If you are a hardcore basher then you already know how easy it can be to snap the stock Velcro strips, the Kevlar units from Amped RC are totally made for sending-it. * Made from a high quality woven Kevlar * Easy to install * Comes with [...]


Team Corally Dementor XP 6S

Teaser – Team Corally Dementor XP 6S

The crew at Team Corally has dropped several new bash machines this fall. Their latest is the Dementor XP 6S. While we don’t know much about the new Dementor, Team Corally is calling it the “ultimate stunt truck”. Designed for massive wheelies, backflips, and huge ramps, we can’t wait for more details on the Dementor. Until we learn more, you can [...]


Team Corally Kronos XP 6S RTR Truggy

Team Corally Kronos XP 6S RTR Monster Truck

Recently announced by Team Corally is the Kronos XP 6S RTR Monster Truck. While Team Corally is mostly known for their high-end race machines, their new RTR Kronos MT is all about bashing. Take a look at these features- * Extreme monster truck * Pre-built RTR * 110+ kph * CNC machined 3mm aluminum chassis * CNC machined 4-5mm shock towers * 16mm big bore shocks * [...]


ARRMA Infraction 6S BLX Review

It’s rare when a company comes out with a product that you would never expect, and even more rare when that product does not look like anything else you have ever seen. This is exactly what ARRMA RC and Horizon Hobby did when they released the 1/7 Scale Infraction 6S BLX. Does this street basher fire on all cylinders? Keep [...]


10th Anniversary Limited Edition

ARRMA 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Outcast 6S BLX RTR

New from ARRMA is a 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Outcast 6S BLX RTR. This is the first limited edition truck ever released by ARRMA and is being done to celebrate their ten outstanding years in the bashing business. * All new 10th anniversary limited edition body livery * Silver anodized aluminum parts * Limited edition chassis decal * Custom 10 year anniversary license plate * [...]


2019 ARRMA Talion 6S BLX Truggy

2019 Edition ARRMA Talion 6S BLX 1/8 Truggy

Available right now from your favorite rc retailer is the 2019 Version of the 1/8 Talion 6S BLX Truggy. The new Talion received all of ARRMA’s 2019 update package that is headlined by a very trick sliding motor mount, a beefy new chassis brace, as well as other key improvements. Here are some of the highlights- * “Never-pop” ball ends * “Never-loose” [...]


ARRMA Kraton 6S BLX V4

ARRMA Updates The Kraton 6S BLX

The folks over at ARRMA have been teasing their 2019 line-up for several weeks, now we can post full details! First up is the 2019 edition of the Kraton 6S BLX RTR Monster Truck. The Kraton receives a number of updates to improve durability, ease of use, and drive-ability. * New 2.4GHz Spektrum STX2 radio system * New aluminum chassis center brace * [...]


Traxxas Red Edition M41

Traxxas Red Edition M41 Widebody Catamaran

With summer comes time on the water and Traxxas has just announced their Red Edition M41 Widebody Catamaran. Originally designed in full scale by DCB founder Dave Hemmingson, the Red Edition M41 has a great scale look, with extreme performance under the hood. * Hull designed for speed and stability * Virtually unsinkable * 50+ mph top speed * 40″ hull * Scale detailed cockpit * [...]