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Cross RC AC6 6x6 Military Kit

Teaser – Cross RC AC6 6×6 Military Kit

The folks over at Cross RC are now teasing the mighty AC6 Military Kit. This giant beast of a military truck is 6 wheel drive and of course comes with incredible levels of scale detailing. We are still in the teaser stage with the AC6, but from looking at the teaser images, it looks more than ready for serious off-roading. As [...]


Carson Modelsport RC 10th Sea Crawler 6x6 RTR

Carson Modelsport 1/10 Sea Crawler 6×6 Amphibious RTR

New from Carson Modelsport is the 1/10th scaled Sea Crawler 6×6 RTR. This unique and affordable 6×6 monster truck was designed for extreme off-road performance on land, or on water! Here are the highlights- * Perfect amphibious vehicle in an RC format * Floats and drives on water * Extremely terrain-capable * Three powerful electric motors and full time 6-wheel drive * Extra-long shock absorbers * [...]


FTX RC 18th Outback Mini X 6ixer 6x6 RTR

FTX RC 1/18 Outback Mini X 6ixer 6×6 RTR Crawler

Now shipping from FTX RC is the 1/18 Outback Mini X 6ixer 6×6 RTR Crawler. This 6 wheel drive rig has a nicely scaled body is more than ready for serious off-road action. Check out these highlights- * New 4 channel ESC/RX unit * Telescopic sliding driveshafts * Multi-link suspension * Functional toolbox * Clipless, hinged matt finished body * Chrome effect side exhaust covers * Plastic [...]


Cross RC EMO JT6 6x6 Kit

Teaser – Cross RC 1/10 EMO JT6 6×6 Kit

Now being teased by Cross RC is the 1/10th scaled EMO JT6 6×6 Kit. The burly EMO JT6 features 6 wheel drive, a two speed gearbox, and remote locking differentials. Sporting a flat bed made from ABS engineering plastic, and highly capable 120×45 1.9″ mud terrain tires, the EMO JT6 is more than ready for your next off-road recovery. As [...]


FMS 1/18 CHEVROLET Apache RC Rock Crawler RTR 6WD 6X6

Do not attempt to adjust your screen, you have read that correctly! Check out the new FMS 1/18 CHEVROLET Apache RC Rock Crawler RTR 6WD 6×6! FMS Really nailed that Chevrolet look on this one! The Injection-molded hard body on top of the sunken frame looks great! We have been driving the rig for over a week now, and it [...]


Traxxas TRX-6 Ultimate RC Hauler

Traxxas TRX-6 Ultimate RC Hauler

New and steaming hot from Traxxas is the TRX-6 Ultimate RC Hauler. This beastly rig has some pretty incredible scale realism to go along with its burly 6 wheel drive system. Here are the highlights- * Width – 9.8″ * Wheelbase – 23.7″ * LED lighting * Realistic tow bed * Molded side mirrors * Unique bumpers * Extended steel chassis * Detailed big rig wheels * Remote locking [...]


RocHobby RC 18th Cheyenne 6×6 RTR

RocHobby 1/18 Cheyenne 6×6 RTR

Shipping right now from RocHobby is the 1/18th scaled Cheyenne 6×6 RTR. The mighty six wheel drive Cheyenne has the off-road capabilities that you need, along with serious amounts of scale realism. Check out these highlights- * Fully pre-assembled and painted * Includes 2S LiPo battery & charger * Hood opens and closes * Tailgate opens and closes * 2.4GHz radio * Runtime – Up to [...]


Cross RC EMO AT6 6x6 Kit

Teaser – Cross RC EMO AT6 6×6 Kit & RTR

Now being teased by Cross RC is the EMO AT6 6×6 Kit. Like everything from Cross, the EMO AT6 has incredible levels of scale realism, and is designed to be highly capable out on the trail. Check out these highlights- * Two speed transmission * Three axis differential remote locking * LCG chassis design * Split transfer case * 550 high-torque brushed motor * All metal [...]


FMS 18th Atlas 6X6 Scale Rock Crawler RTR Video

Video – FMS 1/18 Atlas 6X6 Scale Rock Crawler RTR

New from our friends at FMS is a promotional video for their tiny but mighty 1/18 Atlas 6X6 Scale Rock Crawler RTR. The Atlas features some pretty cool scale styling, and thanks to its full time 6 wheel drive, can climb rocks like a mountain goat. The Atlas also features a true ladder style frame and waterproof electronics for when [...]


RC4WD Sledge Hammer Heavy Haul 6x6 RTR

RC4WD 1/14 Sledge Hammer Heavy Haul 6×6 RTR

In stock and shipping right now from RC4WD is the 1/14th scaled Sledge Hammer Heavy Haul 6×6 RTR. The Sledge Hammer is big on scale realism, while also be built heavy enough for a serious day’s work. Here are the highlights- * Hard plastic European style cab * Billet aluminum transfer case * Full metal 2 speed transmission * Stainless steel fuel tanks * Super [...]


FMS RC 18th Atlas 6x6 RTR Scale Crawler

FMS 1/18 Atlas 6×6 RTR Scale Crawler

Now shipping from FMS is the 1/18th scaled Atlas 6×6 RTR Scale Crawler. The Atlas is big on scale realism and is highly capable thanks to its 6 wheel drive chassis. Here are the highlights- * Perfect blend of a modern chassis design with old-school cool * 100 turn high torque motor * 6 wheel drive * Waterproof electronics * Tool compartment located under roll [...]


Traxxas TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz 6x6

Video – Hammer Down with the Traxxas TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz 6×6

Recently uploaded by Traxxas is a new promotional video called Hammer Down!. Traxxas’ Hammer Down video features their mighty TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6. Watch below to see the TRX-6 Mercedes fly through sandy sections, while also having the ability to conquer large rocks with ease. With incredible scale realistic looks, and a highly capable 6×6 drivetrain, the TRX-6 [...]


Cross RC FC6 Kit

Now Shipping – Cross RC FC6

Now shipping to dealers across the globe is the mighty Cross RC FC6. The FC6 is a burly 6×6 that has insane levels of scale detailing. With heavy metal parts and scale realism for days, the FC6 is a new build calling out your name! * Hood and doors open * Scale realistic interior * Military style tactical transporter * Highly realistic engine compartment You [...]


Cross RC FC6 6X6 Off-Road Truck

Cross RC Announces FC6 1/12 6X6 Off-Road Truck

Coming soon from Cross RC is the FC6 1/12 6X6 Off-Road Truck. The burly FC6 has full time six wheel drive along with some pretty incredible scale detailing. Here are more highlights- * Medium-sized tactical transporter * Highly capable 6X6 off-road truck chassis * Realistic interior * Doors and hood open * Realistic engine compartment * 95% of FC6 chassis assembly uses metal parts The Cross RC [...]


Cross RC TC6 Specials Operations Kit

Cross RC TC6 Desert Adventure

Over the last couple of years, the folks over at Cross RC have been putting out some incredible looking scale rigs. Cross RC recently posted video and pictures of their TC6 Desert Adventure kit. The TC6 is a beast with loads of metal parts and heavy scale realism. It is also perfect for a Desert Adventure near you, and is [...]